Diet Yulia Vysotskaya

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Characteristics of diet for weight loss

Detailed advice on nutrition and optimal physical activity you can find in the book by Julia Vysotskaya "Eat, run, live". We offer to get acquainted with the main points of this method.

Julia Vysotskaya does not tolerate prolonged diets, but aware of the need to control diet. This allows her to maintain a perfect shape (growth Yulia – 174 cm, and weight is in the range of 54 kg).

One of the options is the use of unloading during the day, only one liquid (water with lemon or green tea).

In addition, Vysotsky used the detox it will be discussed below. This program helps to remove toxins and decay products, and normalizes metabolic processes in the body.

the Loss of a certain amount of adipose tissue, in fact, is not the primary purpose of detox is just a nice "bonus". The following diet takes 1-3 days and takes about 1-2 kg.

Key recommendations

Julia on his personal experience – do not abruptly go from a complete and varied diet to a rigid low-calorie diet. It will not benefit but rather harm.

For example, the first detox Yulia brought not the results she was hoping for. First, she could not concentrate on work – thoughts "run", the filming had to look in the crib.

second, weight, the Perfect not only not decreased but even increased. This is the way the body responds to extreme cuts in the diet.

Daily rational diet

For myself, Julia brought the following scheme: for three days eating only the "right" products, on the fourth day, you can afford to relax and pamper the body they are not very useful, but very favorite food. For 3 days the blood will be purified and can once again a little "loading" of the gastrointestinal tract.

she offers to his followers is very clear that four...six meals is based on only three main meals light snacks only "dilute" the diet, but do not provide a significant energy supply.

Detox diet Julia Vysotskaya

detox may take 1-10 days, but the optimum time is considered 3 days per month. The diet should coincide with weekends (at least the last two days – during this period, it is extremely difficult to focus on work). In extreme cases, you can limit the duration of the diet up to 1-2 days.

Sometimes during the diet there is a strong headache. She indicates that there is a cleansing of the body and the restructuring of metabolism – usually the discomfort passes quickly and without tools.

Juices should be alternated – they are prepared like vegetables, and fruit (berries). Citrus juices on an empty stomach should not be consumed. Please note: when preparing a vegetable juice can additionally use Apple.

Fruits (berries) are allowed to eat to satiety. Berries of different varieties can be mixed, but preferring fruit, we have to choose only one.

During the diet forbidden to use salt, sugar, coffee, tea, carbonated beverages, vitamins, alcohol, drugs (except those that are vital).

Diet menu Yulia Vysotskaya

Day # 1

• 8.00 a.m.: 250 ml juice and berries (fruit)
• 10.00 a.m.: 250 ml juice
• 12.00: a plate of vegetables, steamed and 300 ml of soup
• 15.00: 250 ml of juice
• 18.00: salad of leafy green vegetables and 300 ml of soup

steamed veggies

Used vegetables: broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, corn. As a dressing you can apply Apple cider vinegar and finely chopped parsley.

the Soup

To prepare the soup, use dry seaweed and 1/2 tsp of grated ginger. Ingredients pour boiling water, add the lime juice and miso paste.

Day # 2

• 8.00 am: juice
• 10.00 am: juice
• 12.00: 300 ml soup
• 15.00: juice
• Evening: soup (1-2 cups)

Day # 3

a Menu similar to the first day, but made some changes. Instead of fruit (berries) for Breakfast you can afford a cookie or a baked Apple with prunes.

Alternative to salt

Option # 1: in equal proportions, mix dry garlic and onion, ground black pepper, Basil, sage, thyme, red pepper, marjoram, thyme.

Option # 2: raw, husked sunflower seeds, almonds, flax seed (all mixed and pulverized).

Option # 3: cinnamon stick, cardamom, cumin, coriander seeds, cloves (30 g of each ingredient), black pepper (5-6 grams) – all mixed and pulverized.


Yulia Vysotskaya Diet for weight loss cleanses the body. Considering the reasonable duration of the diet (1-3 days), sustain it easy.