Diet for reflux esophagitis

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What is this disease?

Reflux esophagitis – a pathological condition in which there is reflux of gastric contents into the esophagus. The main reason for the development of the disease is the malfunction of the esophageal sphincter by reducing its muscular tone (it stays open).

the Main reasons for the problems can be considered:
• Nervous overload, stress
• Food or chemical factors
• change the pressure in the abdominal cavity
• Hernia of the diaphragm opening

Contributing factors are:
• Obesity
• bad habits (Smoking, drinking, obsessed with coffee, spices, chocolate)
• Treatment of certain drugs (e.g., the use of nitroglycerine or metoprolol)
• Pregnancy
• peptic Ulcer disease

the Symptoms of the problem are:
• Heartburn (after drinking coffee, alcohol, spices, greasy and hot food)
• Regurgitation of acidic contents or by air
• Feeling difficulty in swallowing and passage of food
• Bronhoobstrukcia, followed by a cough
• heart Pain after eating too much or eating acidic and spicy foods
• Inflammation of the nasal mucosa and pharynx
• destruction of the enamel of the teeth

Without a change in diet effect of medical treatment of the disease to be unstable. Diet have to comply with on a regular basis, tightening her attacks.

Reflux esophagitis diet

in this disease, patients should eat fractionally small portions (it is very important to avoid overeating). Need dinner for 2-4 hours before a night's rest. Should be the maximum to protect themselves from nervous overloads. Equally important is adequate sleep (to sleep on a comfortable pillow, the head should be above the body only 25-30 degrees).

After the meal you can't rest in bed – it is better to walk in the fresh air. Patients contraindicated to wear clothes, tightening the stomach. Also they should avoid lifting heavy objects.

If possible, it is necessary to abandon the use of several drugs that reduce the tone of the esophageal sphincter (this could include aminophylline, sedatives and hypnotics, etc.).

In reflux esophagitis it is necessary to abandon the following products:
• Alcohol and carbonated beverages
• Coffee, chocolate, strong tea
• Sharp spices and condiments
• the Mushrooms and legumes
• Marinades, pickles, smoked meat
• Canned, processed foods and fatty foods
• Very acidic juices
• Cabbage (any in any form)
• Dark breads
• Ketchup and mayonnaise
• Fast food
• Chewing gum
• Any fried in fat products
• fruits and Vegetables fresh (not during exacerbation)

the basis of the diet should be:
• sour Cream and low fat milk
• Eggs
• low-Fat cottage cheese (pureed)
• Wheat bread baking yesterday
• Crunches
• Oatmeal in the water
• Steam cutlets and meatballs from lean meats and fish
• Baked and boiled vegetables
• Baked apples sour varieties

How to reduce the symptoms of heartburn?

to avoid unpleasant symptoms, you can resort to the following "tricks":

• Before meals; drink a glass of cold water or take a third of a Cup of potato juice
• Before bed drink camomile tea
• After a meal, eat sweet fruits.


Diet for reflux esophagitis does not differ excessively rigid recommendations. This nutrition plan you can stick to long enough.