Diet Dr. Brusnikina

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Diet doctor Brusnikina causes an active interest. Unfortunately, detailed guidelines of this technique of weight loss is available only to those who decided to pay them a certain amount of money.

Helpful information

This method of weight loss is individual – action guide can be obtained by paying about 3000 rubles.

the authorship of the diet belongs to dietician with thirty years of experience Alexander Brusnikina. Importantly, Brusnikina is also an expert in the field of fitness. Ordering a course of weight loss can be absolutely free to get a nice bonus: a training program aimed at correcting the shape.

the author of the diet claims: the majority of people sitting on a particular diet, in the end, returns to previous settings. Brusnikina she promises that her meal plan saves you from this side effect — the achieved results will be able to keep for a long time. In its proposed diet to lose weight at any age.

Thanks to the exercises proposed Brusnikina, it is possible to get rid of bulging tummy (and this problem is peculiar not only to women but to men).

According to the author diet, increase of body weight is facilitated by such factors as:
— the frantic pace of life;
— products no waste, but providing a significant amount of calories.
— poor environment;
— the nervous "shake-up".

need to lose Weight – this is hardly worth arguing. The fact that fat on the waist is not only aesthetic, but also an internal problem (disrupted internal organs, including the cardiovascular system). Brusnikina promises that its diet will not only return to the attraction and get rid of complexes, but also will improve the condition.

the author of the diet ensures that in the absence of a result for three weeks of using it course, the money will be returned.

The main points of diet to lose weight

As already mentioned, diet Brusnikina in the General access not – it can only be ordered (of course, not free).

the meal Plan is made individually – he is painted as detailed as possible (what to eat, what time, in what amount). After the second week of the course it is recommended to begin physical training (training is free). For three weeks the author promises a weight loss of about 15 kg.

the meal Plan is based on caloric restriction diet and proper distribution of nutrition elements:
• Starchy foods are supposed to eat in the morning
• Protein foods and a small amount of fat – in the afternoon
• high protein food for dinner

the Amount of carbohydrates should not be less than 100-150 grams (if you do not follow this rule a great risk of developing problems with the endocrine system).

the Norm of protein – about 1G per kilogram of body weight (deficit of this element will lead to muscle loss – the body will spend it instead of fat).

During the diet you should avoid stress and lack of sleep (in the absence of relaxation is inhibited fat burning and slows the muscle-building).


this technique is more like advertising. Everyone is talking about rapid weight loss, but the secrets of the diet no one opens.