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Diet for kidney sand


The cause of the problem

the Sand in the kidneys occurs as a consequence of metabolic disorders (in particular, water and salt). Contributing factors are:
— a sedentary lifestyle;
— poor nutrition (the monotonous diet, the prevalence of protein foods);
— the climatic factor;
— genetic predisposition;
— professional factors;
— urinary tract infection;
— some anatomical changes of the upper urinary tract (nephroptosis, hydronephrosis);
— vascular and metabolic disorders in the kidneys.

70-80% of stones (sand – those same stones, but very small) — oxalate and phosphate. Urate stones urate (they account for 10-15%) often appear in adulthood. Less often patients identifies protein stones (xanthine, cystine). Approximately 60% of the sand has a mixed composition.

Liquid diet diet for a kidney sand

Patients need to determine the optimal rate of fluid given the fact that the daily urine output should be in the range of 1.5-2.5 L. In priority are fruit drinks cranberry and cranberry and herbal teas and drinking or mineral water without gas. The average rate of 2-2.5 L.

General guidelines

drawing up a plan of food for kidney stones depends on the composition of the stones (sand), but there are General guidelines such as:
— diverse and nutritious food;
— significant cuts in the proportion of food, rich in substances that trigger the formation of stones;
— limit salt intake;
— the refusal of the seasoning and meals.

Powered by oxalates

In this problem is to limit the intake of oxalic acid – this will reduce or stop the loss of salts in the sediment. On this basis, fall under the ban:
• Dock
• Spinach
• lettuce
• Rhubarb
• Figs
• Chocolate and cocoa
• Nuts
• Meals and products on gelatin
• Dairy products (in acute period)

• Apples
• Pears
• Plums
• Grapes
• Buckwheat and oatmeal
• Pumpkin
• Cauliflower

Food in wrath

Urate are formed in a very acidic environment. On this basis, the diet is designed to change the reaction of urine is alkaline. When wrath you must limit the intake of meat and fish (supposed to eat no more than two servings per week).

fall Under the ban:
• Liver and kidney
• the Meat of young animals
• Meat, mushroom, fish broth
• Legumes
• Mushrooms
• Cauliflower

• Milk and milk products
• Cereals
• Lemon and grapefruit
• Vegetables

Powered by phosphates

Phosphates are formed in an alkaline environment. The diet limits the intake of foods rich in calcium and phosphorus changes the pH of urine in the acid side.

it is Recommended to eat:
• Meat and fish
• Legumes
• Bread, pastry
• Cereals
• Pumpkin and Brussels sprouts
• Cranberries, apples sour varieties, red currants

subject to Limit dairy products and some fruits and vegetables.


Diet for kidney stones you need to follow in order to avoid stones. If sand is, in fact, is not considered a "verdict", the stones are already moving into the category of serious and very painful problem.