Diet "of 10 kg in a week"

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Key recommendations

Dinner in this diet is completely lacking – wanting to lose about 10 kg, will have to tighten their belt. At its discretion, to change the menu this minimizes the effectiveness of a diet (even if the caloric value does not increase, impair optimum combination of chemical constituents of the diet). The rate of vegetables can be increased, but the number of fruits should be strictly controlled. As vegetables and fruits can not eat with other foods – they should be consumed one hour before a meal or shortly after it (the menu specifies the total list of products).

Diet menu 10 pounds in a week

• Breakfast: boiled or steamed fish fillet, a Cup of nonfat yogurt, and lettuce with a little olive oil
• Dinner: soft-boiled egg, a couple slices of dark bread and 90 g boiled Turkey breast or chicken

• Breakfast: boiled beef – 80 g green tea and steamed vegetables (1 PC. carrot and potato) and celery
• Dinner: 50 g of granular curd cheese, one glass of natural yogurt, a bowl of oatmeal on the water, and dates (5 pieces)

• Breakfast: a Cup of chicken broth (without salt and fat), grain bread (3 pieces) or a slice of white bread and boiled chicken meat – 50 g
• lunch: a couple slices of rye bread, boiled beef — 50 g, as well as spinach, green Apple and a large orange

• Breakfast: 2/3 plate of unsalted buckwheat cereal, cooked with water, a glass of nonfat yogurt, and tomato salad with a tablespoon of olive oil (not salt)
• lunch: a bowl of vegetable porridge of brown rice, 30 g of granular cottage cheese and a glass of freshly made fruit juice, 60 g of berries, plum, small grapefruit, and kiwi fruit

• Breakfast: boiled or steamed veal, 60 g, soft-boiled egg and cucumber – 1 PC., Bulgarian pepper green — 1-2 pieces.
• Lunch: boiled chicken fillet — 50 g, and also a plate of steamed asparagus or potatoes (1 PCs.), green Apple, large orange, couple of walnuts and dried apricots (no more than 3 pieces)

• Breakfast: half a Cup of fish broth, 50 g steamed fish fillet, green tea with 1 tsp of honey, slice of rye bread, 3 tbsp green peas (canned, fresh or boiled)
• lunch: a bowl of vegetable porridge of brown rice, glass of skim milk, and lettuce with a drop of lemon juice and sesame seeds, large tomato, kiwi fruit and a small banana.

• Breakfast: 60 g lean ham, chicken or Turkey, the lean plate of buckwheat cereal, 2 tsp grainy cottage cheese, a Cup of tea with 1 tsp honey and green bell pepper (1-2 pieces) and a handful of raisins
• Lunch: half plate of boiled lentils, 70 g of boiled meat lean varieties, a Cup of natural plain yogurt and a small bunch of black grapes and a bit of pine nuts

At the time of the diet is to completely give up alcohol and sugar. Ideally, the exception is subject to and salt (you can use more than 4 g to improve the taste of already cooked meat or fish).

Diet for the week of 10 kg is incompatible with the active sports – allowed Hiking or simple exercises. Since this eating plan significantly cuts the rate of nutrients before applying it you should consult with your doctor.