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How to get out of the diet?


Why the weight comes back?

Our body is wise: the sharp decline in calorie diet it reacts to the introduction of austerity measures. This slows down the metabolic rate and slightly reduced body temperature.

After the diet is completed, and caloric intake has returned to normal levels, the body tends to be postponed for a "rainy day" a certain amount of adipose tissue. It is quite natural reaction – insufficient intake of calories potentially life-threatening, and instinct can not be canceled.

Some "kickback" occurs even while maintaining a reasonable calorie diet (for example, returns 3 kg 0.5-1 kg). Well what can we say about cases where after a diet we with rapture "catching up" — here the situation is even sadder. Weight fairly quickly returns to previous levels, and sometimes even with some "overhang".

Another point: as a rule, the first attempt to lose weight provides the best results. The following diet is to be much less effective – "scared" the body will be maximum reluctant to burn fat accumulation of the sacrifice of "less important" muscle tissue. More specifically, the more often resort to diets, the worse the result will be. Thus, our task is not only slimming, but also store the result – this will eliminate the need to go on diets again and again.

How to get out of the diet?

The first rule is to gradually increase caloric content

Nutritionists claim that after the diet you can not immediately go to full (in terms of caloric value) diet is virtually guaranteed to lead to the return of the lost kilos.

before you begin to diet, just be clear that it will last a little longer than planned. Just every next stage will be less and less hard.

Gradually expand your diet diet. Portions of food several increase, add more vegetables, sweet and sour fruits, herbs. You can eat lean meat, fish, low-fat dairy products.

the Amount of simple carbohydrates should be minimal. It is also desirable to use much salt to the max, replace it with herbs and high-quality soy sauce.

Ensure that the daily fluid intake (including entrees) is 2-3 liters (if no contraindications).

Immediately after the diet the number of calories strictly control: as a rule, their level is limited to 1800-2000 kcal.

Try the main part of the calories consumed in the afternoon – in the evening allowed only light meals before bedtime and do not eat is (with a strong sense of hunger can drink a Cup of low-fat yogurt).

Eat 4-6 times a day – in this case the feeling of hunger will not be painful. Meals should be small.

Before eating drink a glass of water without gas. Food put in a bowl with a small diameter and eat a little spoon.

Rule number two – physical activity

to Support metabolism at the right level will allow you sport. Exercise 3-4 times per week – on the background of maintaining a reasonable calorie diet this will not only maintain the obtained result, but also to burn some fat. Please note: it is possible that the scale is not displayed – in place of burning the fat will come more severe muscle tissue.


the Reviews say that the duration of the transitional period depends on the degree of hardness of the diet. The fewer calories you consume, the more time it will take to recover.