Diet for varicose veins

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Varicose veins (varicose veins) – a pathological process, which is based on the defeat of the veins (thinning of walls, widening of the lumen, the formation of local extension – the so-called "nodes").

the Main causes of disease are considered such factors as:
• Work, involving a long stay in an upright position
• weight
• muscle strain when lifting heavy objects, during bowel movements or during pregnancy
• Heredity

Food varicose veins in the legs

in addition to competent medical treatment for varicose veins is assigned a special meal plan. Diet for varicose helps to reduce blood viscosity, strengthen the walls of veins (primarily due to the increase of protein content and elastin).

it is Extremely important to control your weight – obesity increases the load on the legs, and it contributes to the development of varicose veins. From the menu it is recommended to avoid flour products: biscuits, cakes, white breads. Also it should significantly cut consumption of sugar and sweets (candies, creams, etc.).

If you give up sweets is very difficult, you can replace them with a small amount of honey and bitter dark chocolate. It is permissible, and dried fruit – this product is not only pleasing to your taste, but also contains large amounts of fiber, which helps cleanse the body of toxins.

it is Extremely important to control the amount of fat intake. The exception shall be refractory animal fats and margarine. You should not eat fatty meats. Contraindicated rich broth. Butter can be added to prepared foods, but in limited quantities.

Sources of unsaturated fatty acids can be different varieties of fish and plant oils (omega-3 fatty acids help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels).

varicose veins useful to eat seafood: shrimp, mussels, etc. the fact that the seafood contain large amounts of copper and this element is directly involved in synthesis of elastin (the substance that maintains the elasticity of blood vessels).

Doctors recommend that patients with varicose veins include in the menu for seaweed. Due to the presence of iodine this product improves metabolism, tones the body and helps normalize weight.

the diet should contain foods rich in vitamins A, C, d, E. Rutin (vitamin P) reduces the permeability of vascular walls and reduces swelling. It is present in foods such as hazelnuts, chestnuts, sea buckthorn, chokeberry juice. By the way, sea buckthorn is just the perfect product for varicose veins – it contains all the essential vitamins and minerals.


useful for varicose veins product

– lemon. Valued all parts of this citrus in the pulp has a large amount of ascorbic acid, and in the skin – a lot of vitamin p.

Very useful blueberries, apples, figs. From any fruit you can cook the juice, store – bought product will not bring benefits, because it contains sugar, preservatives, flavors. Fresh juices should be drunk immediately after preparation – after 15-20 minutes it begins the oxidation process. Juices can be diluted with water.

Alcohol in any form is contraindicated. Also exclude spices, meats, spicy seasonings. It is important to keep drinking regime — you should drink about 2-2,5 l of purified water.


Diet for varicose veins brings substantial relief and improves the condition of blood vessels – this is borne out by the reviews. If you do not follow the rules of rational nutrition, the problem of varicose veins will only get worse.