Diet in chronic pancreatitis

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Chronic disease

Diet prescribed for chronic pancreatitis adults, reduces the likelihood of aggravation. The patient is recommended to use when cooking only gentle methods of heat treatment – cooking steamed cooking in the oven (no fat). Vegetables and fruits with rough crust, grind. Necessarily need to eat fractional, with an interval of 2-3 hours (i.e. 6 times per day). Late dinner and obesity are excluded.

you can Not eat fresh bread, you need to opt for bread baking yesterday (you can also cook the biscuits). Fall under the ban of strong broths, but light vegetable and cereal soups will bring a great benefit to the injured pancreas. It is important not to include in the list of ingredients white cabbage, not to make cracklings, and do not use spicy seasonings.

the Preferred types of meat – the most lean veal, beef, chicken. You can also enter in the diet of poultry, meat, Turkey and rabbit – they possess dietary properties. Of the above types of meat you can cook meatballs, dumplings, soufflé. You can not eat lard, fatty meats, canned meat, smoked meat.

Patients with pancreatitis, it is useful to eat fish, but it also needs to be low-fat (it was a pike, bream, perch, etc.). Of fish fillets you can cook burgers, dumplings and meatballs for a couple. It is permissible to serve the fish pieces, cook it for a couple. Exclude all fatty fish, and fish smoked and canned goods.

Physicians recommend the use of in pancreatitis non-acidic dairy products (fresh cheese, kefir, yogurt, etc.). You can eat mild, hard cheese (it should not be very salty). Of fats in preference to vegetable oil and butter – add them to the finished dish. The absolute prohibition is imposed on the refractory animal fats (especially threat mutton fat). Should not be administered in the diet spreads, margarine.

it is Useful to eat pureed or well-boiled cereals (especially useful buckwheat and oatmeal, but wheat will not bring benefits). You can eat a well cooked pasta.

Vegetables, as already mentioned, you need to boil and clean. A very useful carrot, zucchini, pumpkin, cauliflower. Would have excluded radish, radish, garlic and other vegetables with a sharp taste, but also those varieties that provoke fermentation (in particular cabbage and legumes). You can eat sweet fruit, bake them, preparing purees, jellies, compotes, gravy, juices. You can use dried. Sour berries and fruits are excluded.

In the list of prohibited foods get ice cream, cold, alcoholic and carbonated beverages, pickles, marinades, spices and sharp seasonings (vinegar, mustard, etc.). You can not eat cream and butter pastry. Is limited to the use of whole eggs (1 egg or 3-5 quail per week).

In the acute stage

Diet during exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis begins with fasting, during which 2-3 days excludes any food (only fluids). In the absence of food, the pancreas doesn't produce enzymes, which gives her the opportunity to recover. After completion of fasting, patients are advised to eat little and often (5-6 times a day). The priority lean protein foods (fish, meat, cheese), but we should not forget about the other elements of power. Daily allowance of fat – not more than 60 g of protein, about 120 g, carbohydrates – 350 g Served should have a comfortable warm temperature, the products are worth the grind.

Menu for the week

Monday and Thursday

For Breakfast cook thick mashed potatoes and steam chicken cutlet, drink a glass of still mineral water, eat a few thin crackers. After a couple of hours eat steam egg white omelet with a slice of yesterday's bread. For lunch it is recommended to prepare cereal soup, baked fish fillet, vermicelli. You can drink non-acidic juice. Snack – jello or jelly. Dinner – carrot puree, porridge, weak tea with milk and dried bread.

Tuesday, Friday, Sunday

the Breakfast will be mashed cereal, banana, juice of sweet fruits. The recommended snack is a Cup of blueberries and a Cup of yogurt, and diet bread. Lunch – a light soup and a sandwich with cooked Turkey meat, lettuce and low fat sauce. The role of the sweet dessert play jelly. Snack — bread with mild cheese. Dinner — baked potato, steam chicken, steam the vegetables.

Wednesday and Saturday

Morning — boiled buckwheat with steamed beef, dried bread and sparkling water. After a couple of hours eat a fruit puree of apples and pears. For lunch eat a vegetable soup, steam fish, pumpkin porridge. Drink a Cup of tea. Snack — yogurt with bread. Dinner — mashed potatoes, boiled meatloaf, tea with milk.

To the patient felt improvement, diet for chronic pancreatitis in adults you should take a few weeks. Then have to comply with reasonable restrictions on an ongoing basis (to avoid escalation).