Diet for blood group 4 positive

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Last, the fourth group of blood combines the characteristics of two types (A and b). Diet for blood group positive 4 is designed to smooth a certain imbalance that occurs as a result of such mixing.

Brief characteristics

the Owners of the fourth group of blood is the so – called "new people". This type has its advantages, but it is not without drawbacks. The effect of the diet aims at accelerating the metabolic processes, cleansing the body, improving the functioning of internal organs, strengthening the immune system. Carriers of this blood group is only 8 % of the population of our planet.

"New people" can easily tolerate a change in diet, but have a fairly sensitive digestive system. They are characterized by such qualities as:
• the Tendency to anemia, Oncology, and cardiovascular disease
• the Instability of a microbial infection.
• Cranky digestive tract
• Psychological flexibility

the Paradox lies in the fact that when the physiological need to eat meat "new people" have low gastric acidity, which impairs the digestion of this product.

Diet for blood group 4 positive focused mainly on a vegetable diet substitute for animal protein can be tofu.

Advice on nutrition

In diet, "new people" may be present in such products as:
• Green onions
• low-fat cheese
• tofu
• Ginger tea
• Olive oil
• cod liver Oil
• low-fat yogurt
• Lamb (not more than 200 g per week), rabbit and Turkey
• Eggs (2-3 pieces per week)
• chamomile Tea
• flax Seeds
• lettuce
• Mushrooms
• Nuts (in limited quantities)
• Pineapple, kiwi, cherries, blackberries, figs, watermelon, plums, grapefruit, grapes
• Coffee
• Dry red wine (limited)
• Tuna and other fish, with the exception of hake, haddock, eel and flounder.

Junk foods are the following:
• Bacon, duck, chicken, goose and ham
• Wheat and products based on it
• Buckwheat
• Pepper, potato, radish, beans, bean, artichoke and corn
• sunflower Seeds
• milk
• Bananas, oranges, persimmons, pomegranates, mango
• Tea with lime or aloe
• Pistachios
• Beans (black)
• Beans vegetable
• butter
• Cancer and acne

Additional recommendations

"New people" is to focus on the fruit is desirable to eat during the day, a few servings of this wholesome food. Because of this diet can reduce the risk of developing cancer and anemia (fruit is rich in antioxidants and important nutrients).

Pasta and cereals are also important for representatives of this group – weekly is supposed to eat 4 full servings of such food.

the Morning it is recommended to start with a glass of water, acidulated with lemon juice. Daily liquid diet must include 1.5 l of pure water and 3 tbsp. juice from carrots, papaya, cranberries, cherries, grapes (can be prepared mixes, mixing different juices).

Since the milk is not suitable representatives of the fourth group, they should pay attention to dairy products low fat. They are well absorbed by the body, restore intestinal flora and provide the necessary supply of amino acids.

it is Worth remembering that the digestive system of the "new people" is quite capricious – you should not eat lots of fruit and vegetables from the excessively sour taste and lots of fiber.

"New people" — one of the few who can afford during the diet to eat peanuts and walnuts.

Diet for blood group 4 positive effect on the cellular level – it will help to adjust the weight and improve the condition.