Caldereta diet

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Briefly about the beneficial properties of celery

There are three varieties of celery: it can be the root, petiolate or sheet. All forms of the plant are widely used in diets, although celeriac and superior lettuce varieties on calorie (32 kcal/100 g vs 13 kcal/100 g).

is present In celery is rich in vitamin group (A, b, C, E, K, etc.). Roots stems and leaves contain potassium, magnesium, calcium and other valuable minerals. In the plant there are essential oils that have bactericidal action, as well as choline, protein and flavonoids.

in Addition to getting rid of excess weight, caldereta diet provides additional benefits: it strengthens the capillaries and blood vessels, improves cardiovascular system, kidneys and liver. This meal plan is useful for dermatitis (including allergic), gout and chronic constipation (celery has a laxative effect). This diet eliminates puffiness and improves the skin condition.

Wellness caldereta diet

In order to improve the functioning of the organs and systems of the body, traditional healers are recommended to periodically conduct a health diet. All that is required is the juice from the roots or green mass of celery. Make the means is three times a day half an hour before meals (enough dessert spoons for this multivitamin juice, only to cook it right before use).

Caldereta diet for weight loss

the basis of the diet this diet is celery soup. You can cook it in different ways.

Recipe No. 1

• the Root of a celery – 200 g
• White cabbage – 1 kg
• onions – 6 PCs.
• Bulgarian pepper green – 2 PCs.
• Green beans – 400 g
• Ripe tomatoes – 5-6 pieces.
• Tomato juice (preferably homemade) – 1.5 l
• Any greens

Prepared vegetables, chop, put in an enamel pan, add tomato juice, if necessary add water. Over high heat bring the soup to a boil, cook for 10 minutes, without covering with a lid, then reduce the heat, cover the pan and cook the dish for another 10 minutes. In the finished soup add the finely chopped parsley.

Recipe No. 2

• Celery – 2 stalk or bunch of greens leaf forms of this plant
• Water – 3 l
• cabbage – 1-1.5 kg
• onions – 6 PCs.
• bell pepper green – 1 piece
• Ripe tomatoes – 2 PCs.
• Any greens

Prepared vegetables cut, put in an enamel saucepan, cover with water, bring to boil and simmer a quarter of an hour. Finally, add spices and finely chopped parsley.

During the diet fall under the ban of such products as sugar, alcohol, bread, fats, sodas. The duration of the following diet is 14 days, you can lose weight 4-7 kg.

• Menu on both Monday: soup based on celery, and any fruit (the ban affects only bananas)
• Menu on both Saturday: soup based on celery, and any vegetable
• Menu in both environments: soup based on celery, and potatoes boiled in the peel (1 piece for dinner)
• Menu on both Thursday: soup based on celery, and bananas (not more than 4 units) and low-fat yogurt – 1 liter
• Menu on both Friday: soup based on celery, boiled meat and low-fat varieties (as an option – fish fillets) – 300-700 g, tomatoes – 5 PCs, and still water
• Menu Saturday: soup based on celery, boiled meat and low-fat varieties (as an option – fish fillets) – 300 g of any vegetables.
• Menu Sunday: soup based on celery, and a porridge of brown rice and any vegetables

Judging by the reviews, this diet provides excellent results, and to sustain it is not so difficult (for a batch of soup limits are imposed).

Salad diet based on celery

This option is sendereihe diet is based on salads: they must cook celery and low-fat protein products. To dedicate this meal plan is 1-3 days, not more. Drinking during the diet are allowed any unsweetened and non-carbonated beverages (coffee, any teas, skim milk, 1% yogurt, low-fat drinking yoghurt without additives, water).

Salad with shrimp and celery

• Boiled shrimp — 300 g
• Grated celery – 300 g
• seaweed – 100 g
• Grated green Apple – 1 PC.

mix All ingredients, add dressing, consisting of 0.5 tbsp of sesame oil and the same amount of white wine vinegar. Salad put in the refrigerator for an hour and serve.

Salad with chicken breast and celery

• Cubes of boiled chicken, 200 g
• Grated celery — 200 g
• Bulgarian pepper – 1 PC.
• Bow — 1 PC.
• Fresh tomatoes – 200 g
• Olive oil – 1 tbsp

Meat and celery mix. Chop the vegetables and simmered with olive oil. Enter the seasoning in the salad, stir and serve immediately.


Celery should not get involved in chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the genitourinary system. Rich celery menu is not suitable for pregnant women and the elderly.

Diet with celery, when properly used, really improves the condition of our body. Before you use any of the suggested in the article options, talk to your doctor – there may be individual contraindications.