Diet ballerinas

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Rumors and reality

Many believe that ballet-dancer all his life adhere to a strict diet. Actually all is far not so: no need to feed the body simply can not withstand the enormous loads that the dancer experiences both during rehearsals and on performance. Artist eat a full, but always follow some rules. The fact that overweight and ballet don't mix. Every extra kilo puts additional pressure on the joints, with serious injuries. Based on this, the dancers have to adhere to Golden mean in food, they need a full energy recharge, but no frills.

The principles of the power dancers

1. Portion of food should be minimal in volume.
2. Liquid food should not be supplemented with any other foods (even bread).
3. Different types of protein foods should not be combined in one meal (e.g., cheese and meat).
4. Fatty sauces (especially the Mayo) is invalid.
5. Flavor food seasonings and salting it, but only at a minimum.
6. The liquid is allowed to drink either an hour after before meals or half an hour of it.
7. Liquid diet should be rich – every day supposed to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of still water.
8. Dairy products minimum fat content must be present in the diet.
9. The daily menu should include all the elements: fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals.
10. You need to eat the moment that you really want.
11. The most important role in the lives of the dancers plays a Breakfast. Ideally, it should include complex carbohydrates (e.g., porridge).
12. A ballerina include in your diet serves Japanese and Chinese cuisine. They are based on the useful low-calorie foods, such as seaweed, vegetables, mushrooms, seafood. Eating the food with chopsticks instead of a fork (a spoon), it is possible to eat much less (saturation occurs quickly).
13. Food should be as fresh.

Diet diet ballerinas

If the relaxation of the regime led to the emergence of some excess weight, ballerina resort to low-calorie diets. The following version of the ballerina diet requires preparation in the form of two days of discharge.

Day # 1 (unloading)

• Breakfast: tomato juice without salt – 250 ml
• Dinner: tomato juice without salt – 500 ml and a slice of black bread
• Dinner: tomato juice without salt – 250 ml

Day # 2 (unloading)

• Breakfast: low fat milk (you can substitute kefir with 1% fat content) – 250 ml
• Lunch: kefir 1% fat – 250 ml and a slice of black bread
• Dinner: low fat milk (you can substitute kefir with 1% fat content) – 250 ml

Day # 3 (diet)

• Breakfast: the third pack of low fat cream cheese and 250 ml of kefir 1% fat (you can substitute a Cup of warm milk)
• Second Breakfast: a Cup of black coffee, 1 tsp natural honey and a slice of black bread with a thin layer of butter
• Lunch: unsalted porridge of brown rice — 1 tbsp, broth, and 100-150 grams of lean meat, boiled
• Afternoon tea: a large Apple or orange
• dinner (for the couple of hours before bedtime): kefir 1% fat or low-fat warm milk and 1 teaspoon of natural honey

Successful weight loss contribute exercise. Also useful for Hiking. Duration of the diet is to limit 7-mew days. More prolonged use of low-calorie menu will bring nothing but trouble: the body will go into economy mode and "refuse" to lose weight due to fat (to fuel will begin to use muscle tissue).


ballerinas Diet for weight loss is contraindicated with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is not necessary to resort at a time when the immune system is in a weakened state (immediately after the flu, colds, poisoning, etc.).

Diet ballerina belongs to the category of hard of methods of weight loss. If you decide to resort to it, remember that doctor's consultation is required.