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A diet of "celery Soup"


The duration and effectiveness of the diet

throughout the week, you will have to eat soup (restrictions on the size of the portions and their number is not imposed, but overeating is still not worth it). Additionally, you can use a number of products (menu painted on the days of the week). 7 days this eating plan takes 4-8 kg.

Soup recipes celery

There are different recipes for cabbage soup. Offer them to your attention.

Recipe No. 1

• celery Greens – 1 bunch
• Green bell pepper – 2 PCs.
• a Small head of cabbage
• onions — 6 PCs.
• Tomatoes – 2-3 PC.
• Bouillon cube (optional) – 1 PC.
• Water – 3 l

Prepared vegetables, chop, cover with water, cook on high heat about 10 minutes, then dowrite until tender, reducing heat. The finished dish can salt and season with spices.

Recipe No. 2

• the Root and celery greens
• cabbage
• onions – 6 PCs.
• Bulgarian pepper — 2 PCs.
• Carrots – 6 PCs.
• Green beans — 500 g
• chives — a small bunch of
• Tomato juice or ripe tomatoes (pureed) – 250 ml
• Bouillon cube (optional) – 1 PC.
• Water – 6 l

Method of preparation is no different (green onions add at the final stage).

Recipe No. 3

• celery Root – 170g
• Cauliflower – 300 g
• Carrots – 170g
• Cabbage – 500 g
• Green onions – 150 g
• Ripe tomatoes – 300 g
• Garlic – 20 g
• Tomato juice (or pureed tomatoes) – 200 g
• Olive oil – a little
• Water – 1.5 l
• Condiments (coriander, cumin, curry, red pepper, Bay leaves)
• Soy sauce — 1 tsp
• Fresh greens

Cauliflower disassemble on inflorescences, vegetable chop. Onion simmered in olive oil, add the prepared vegetables, cover with water and simmer. Spices, garlic and soy sauce add just before the end of cooking.

Diet menu

Daily supposed to eat soup with celery. Supplementing the diet products are as follows (in days):
1. Any berries and fruits, except bananas.
2. Any non-starchy green vegetables (lettuce, cucumbers, etc.), and baked potatoes for dinner (no more than 1 unit);
3. Menu the first two days, but no potatoes;
4. Menu the first two days, but without the potatoes (in addition to the diet you're supposed to eat a couple of bananas and drink a glass of low-fat milk);
5. Fresh tomatoes and 400 grams of meat, fish fillet or chicken breast boiled;
6. Salad of tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers and bell peppers, and any leafy vegetables and no more than 400 grams of boiled beef;
7. Unsalted porridge of brown rice (without oil and spices), non-starchy vegetables and fresh fruit juice.

Liquid diet presented to the carbonated water, unsweetened teas, organic coffee and freshly made juices.

Alcoholic and carbonated drinks, bread and animal fats in the diet completely eliminated.

The correct completion of the diet

Diet provides quick weight loss, but to keep the achieved result is not easy. To secure the necessary new weight and after a diet to abide by reasonable restrictions. If you are able to refuse high-calorie dishes, sweets and pastries, and if you won't break the diet (the main rule is no late meals), you need not fear the return of the former parameters.

Diet "celery Soup" for weight loss may exacerbate some health problems (especially if they affect the gastrointestinal tract). Prior to the practical use the above menu to find out the opinion of a doctor.