Diet No. 6

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Who prescribed diet six?

6 Diet prescribed for people suffering from urolithiasis (uraturia by the formation of stones of uric acid). This treatment table is recommended for gout.

The essence of the diet

a Characteristic feature of the diet number 6 is the exclusion from the diet of foods rich in purines (primarily this is the meat of young animals, broth, nuts, legumes, meat products). The ban is imposed and to any food containing oxalic acid (in this category include wheat bran, beets, nuts, spinach, rhubarb, strawberries, and nuts).

Certain restrictions are imposed on protein foods and fats, and obesity – and even on the carbs. Patients are encouraged to eat 4 times a day. Methods of thermal processing of products can be any (including roasting).

Calorie and chemical composition of the diet

the diet of the Diet (table 6) chemical composition shall be as follows:
• Carbohydrates: 400 g (simple sugars not more than 80 g)
• Protein: 70-80 grams (animal and vegetable origin in a ratio of 1:1)
• Fats — 80-90 g (30% should come from fats of vegetable origin)

the Recommended caloric intake: 2700-2800 kcal (check the energy value is at the doctor – obesity figure would have to adjust a bit).

the patient shows abundant drinking regime: 1.5-2 liters of free fluid is an imperative norm, but it can be increased. The amount of salt is limited to 10 g per day.

The diet of the diet (table 6)

Diet is based on a rich range of products (see below for exact recommendations).

Products made from flour:
• Rye and wheat bread
• All pastries (including bran)

• Vegetable soup
• Soups on vegetable broth with added pasta or grains.
• soup, Soup
• Cold soup (beetroot soup, okroshka)
• Milk soups
• Fruit soups

Meat products
• Meat, fish, poultry (without skin)

These products it is recommended to eat 3 times a week (not more) and only after boiling (boiled product, you can stew, fry, bake with sauce or with vegetables). The optimal rate of meat and poultry – 150 g, and fish – 160-170 g. the Valid articles of cutlet mass.

Dairy products:
• cottage Cheese and dishes from it
• Sour
• Cheese
• Milk and milk drinks.

• eggs (boiled, in omelettes, fried, etc) – 1 per day.

• Allowed any dishes from cereals, but in moderation

• Vegetables (except those that are rich in oxalic acid) without restrictions on the type of cooking (special emphasis is done on the raw vegetables)

Patients especially useful potato dishes.

Fruits and berries
• all except the raspberries, cranberries and figs in any form (including dried fruit)

• Fruit salad
• a Salad of pickled and fresh vegetables
• Vegetable caviar (including squash and eggplant)
• Salad

Sweet food:
• Dairy creams and jellies
• Not chocolates, candy, jelly
• Honey, jam, meringue

— on milk.
— sour cream.
— vegetable broth.

• Vanilla
• Bay leaf
• Citric acid
• Cinnamon

• Dill
• Parsley

• a Decoction of wheat bran
• Brew
• Weak coffee with milk
• Berry, fruit and vegetable juices and fruit drinks (they can be diluted with water)
• Tea with lemon or milk
• a Decoction of rose hips
• dried fruit Compote

• butter
• Melted butter
• Vegetable oil (any)

Restriction is imposed on the use of pork fat, as well as the use of products from fancy pastry

fall Under the ban:
• Fish, meat, mushroom broth
• Fresh pods, legumes, rhubarb, cauliflower, purslane, sorrel, spinach, legumes
• Kidney, brains, liver, meat of young birds and animals, language
• Sausage
• Smoked
• Salty fish
• canned meat and Fish
• Eggs
• Salty and spicy cheeses
• Salty and pickled foods
• Chocolate
• Cranberries, figs, raspberries
• Sauces for meat, mushroom, fish broth
• Pepper
• Mustard
• Hell
• Strong tea, cocoa and coffee
• Refractory fats (beef, lamb)
• Cooking oils

Sample menu diet 6

• the First Breakfast: vegetable salad with vegetable oil and an egg, soft-boiled, and tea and pudding made from carrots, wheat and apples
• lunch: broth hips
• Lunch: milk soup-noodles, potato pancakes and jelly
• Snack: fresh apples
• Dinner: vegetable stuffed cabbage with rice and tea and cheese cakes
• Before sleep: a decoction of wheat bran.

six Diet improves the condition of patients with gout and urolithiasis, however, this does not negate the physician-recommended treatment plan. Be healthy!