Diet models

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dietary patterns will lead to the success – that is the idea it gives us the name of this method of weight loss. So whether it's, you will be able to learn, apply its recommendations in practice. We offer to your attention 3 the "model" meal plan.

Diet models for 3 days

This diet lasts three days and takes 2-4 kg. the Main principle of weight loss in this case is the use of food in the morning and a complete lack of dinners.

Diet diet

• Breakfast: egg, soft-boiled and a Cup of tea without sugar
• Breakfast and lunch (with an interval of 3 hours): granular cheese (weight of each portion is not more than 125 g) and a glass of unsweetened tea

After 14.00-15.00 nothing can't be eaten, but the liquid restriction does not apply. You can drink as sparkling water and unsweetened herbal teas.

Since the diet involves severe restrictions of the diet, stick with it for longer than the specified period is impossible. And it's not just about the harm a limited menu – after 3 days the rate of fat burning is markedly reduced, because the body goes into saving mode. Repeat the method after a small break, of course, possible, but do not get carried away. Suggested meal plan though not is characterized by long duration, but can cause deficiency of important nutrients may.

Blitz-diet model for weight loss

This diet is designed for 3-4 days. Weight loss averages 1-2 lbs. in Addition green tea is supposed to drink heated water.

• Breakfast: eggs, boiled soft-boiled (2 pieces) or 50 g of boiled meat, and toast with a thick layer of butter and hot herbal or green tea without sugar
the Second Breakfast: hot herbal or green tea without sugar
• Lunch: meat or fish low-fat varieties (you can cook on the grill or in the oven) – 100 g, and a salad made from beans, green leafy lettuce and olive oil – 300 g any fruit (1-2 pieces) and hot herbal or green tea without sugar
• Afternoon tea: hot herbal or green tea without sugar
• Dinner: salad of green vegetables – 300 g, a pair of toast and hot herbal or green tea without sugar
• Before bed: hot herbal or green tea without sugar

Like the previous option, the diet, the duration increase doesn't make sense – it is better to repeat the diet after a short break.

Diet models Victoria's secret

This variant of the diet has a more varied menu, the maximum duration is slightly increased. Weight loss per week is 3-5 pounds.

• Breakfast: barley porridge, boiled in water without adding salt, dressed with a small amount of butter or oil and grated carrots with lemon juice and a slice of corn bread
• Lunch (choice of): vegetable stew in vegetable oil or cabbage salad with herbs, seasoned with olive oil
• Dinner: unsalted buckwheat porridge and cabbage salad and carrots, olive oil and lemon juice

• Breakfast: barley porridge, boiled in water without adding salt, dressed with a small amount of butter or oil, and a salad of cabbage
• Lunch: oatmeal made with water or mixture of milk and water
• Dinner: lean wheat porridge and beet salad

• Breakfast: barley porridge boiled in water without adding salt, seasoned with a little butter or vegetable oil, and a salad of raw carrots with lemon juice
• Lunch: soup of vegetables in water (no Mayo and fat), or roasted vegetables
• Dinner: boiled potatoes – 1-2 PCs. (if possible, use the young), and a salad made of cabbage or Chinese cabbage

• Breakfast: 200 ml fat-free yogurt or drinking yogurt
• Lunch: boiled chicken without skin and salad
• Dinner: baked or stewed cauliflower with tomatoes (the dish can be sprinkled with grated cheese) and baked Apple (no added honey or sugar)

• Breakfast: vegetable buckwheat and a salad of green vegetables
• Lunch: soup without meat, and fresh vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes)
• Dinner: lean boiled rice, and a salad of boiled vegetables,

• Breakfast: vegetable porridge of barley, and a salad of sauerkraut
• Lunch: soup of vegetables, no dressing, and a portion of stewed cabbage
• Dinner: salad of green vegetables

• Breakfast: diet oatmeal without adding oil
• Lunch: soup of vegetables without a filling (you can add crackers)
• Dinner: salad of green vegetables and egg, soft-boiled

throughout the diet, you should drink plenty of fluids (sugar substitutes are permitted, but sugar is completely contraindicated). Liquid diet includes non-carbonated water (a tablespoon or mineral) and organic coffee or herbal teas.


a Contraindication to any diet models are the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Do not stick to the suggested meal plans in the presence of chronic diseases (especially in acute). Diet before you need to know the opinion of the doctor.


the Diet patterns should not be considered a panacea. None of the options are not very diverse menu, and the balance of essential nutrients, neither in the least respected. You can use the above options only if you are absolutely sure in their own health.