Diet for blood group a negative 3

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Brief characteristics

the Third group of blood arose at a time when the time of mass migration. 20% of people that inhabit our planet, are its carriers.

"Nomads" are different psychological flexibility, high adaptability to changing environment. They have a strong immune system and a strong nervous system. The bulk of "nomads" is easy to tolerate diet and can retain the result achieved. The disadvantages of this type of exposure can be attributed to endocrine disease is diabetes.

Diet for blood group b-negative

Dieticians have identified the foods that speed up or, on the contrary, slow down the metabolism of travellers. The first should be the basis of the diet, and the second makes sense to exclude from the menu. At the same time, the diet should remain balanced and wholesome – it is not recommended to resort to severe methods of weight loss.

Advice on nutrition and menu

the group of unwanted travellers ' products include meat chicken and Turkey. The basis of the diet are vegetables, fruits, dairy products (cheese, sour cream, cheese, yogurt, kefir). To eat standing, observing the interval of 3 hours. Meals should be moderate.

it is Useful to eat soy products, lettuce and other green vegetables. In the menu, in addition to plant foods, should include:
• Egg
• Beef liver
• Veal, beef
• rabbit Meat
• Lamb

On the table "nomads" should be a fish (flounder, tuna, sardine, cod). Too fat of a grade better in the menu is not enable.

the Body "nomads" essential plant oils (olive, sunflower, pumpkin, linseed oil). From the whole range of cereals is not desirable to introduce into the diet only buckwheat and semolina (semolina high in calories and not very useful).

Travellers are advised to refuse from corn, olive, coconut and peanut, and also to limit the consumption of foods based on wheat. These products reduce the efficiency of metabolic processes, reducing the production of insulin that can cause hypoglycemia, can cause water retention and increase weight. It is not recommended to get involved in seafood.

"Nomads" is useful to drink green tea – this drink effectively cleans the body. Also useful herbal remedy based on licorice, ginseng, raspberry leaf, sage. Don't forget about the cocoa, this drink increases energy.

In order to speed up the metabolic process should pay attention to cranberry and cucumber juice, and the cabbage pickle. The category of unwanted drinks are carbonated sweet soft drinks and tomato juice (though tomatoes themselves, it is recommended to eat in small quantities).

"Nomads" necessary magnesium – this element is present in legumes, dried fruits, hazelnuts and walnuts, soy. People with third blood group need to enter into the diet foods rich in lecithin (this will prevent the development of sclerosis). Lecithin present in sunflower seeds, egg yolk, soybeans.

Special value for "nomads" are the b vitamins (many of them in plant foods) and vitamin D (present in eggs and fish, butter, cheese and also produced by exposure to sunlight).


of Course, the above diet for blood group 3 negative is not a dogma, every person has its own characteristics. The diet should be strictly individual. Nevertheless, General recommendations will help you to understand the selection of suitable food items.