Diet on cereals

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Briefly about the benefits of diet

One of the characteristics of this diet is the abundance of high-molecular carbohydrates. They are slowly digested by the body, so allow a long time to experience even the slightest feelings of hunger. Any of the grains has a balanced composition – available as easily digestible proteins and fats, though in small quantities (which, again, is good for the figure).

Cereals are rich in vitamins and minerals, and each of them has its own "flavor": if buckwheat pleases the abundance of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron in oats is dominated by silicon, manganese and calcium. In rice a lot of zinc and manganese, and pearl barley – phosphorus and potassium.

Relatively unprofitable is considered the semolina, but the matter is that only its caloric value (326 kcal/100 g) and low content of fiber (0.2 g/100 g). In General its structure is quite favorable for our body: semolina contains potassium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese and other minerals and almost all vitamins belonging to group B.

Cereals are rich in dietary fibers (except semolina). Fiber not only effectively cleans the bowel, but also rids the body of harmful accumulations (stool, excess cholesterol, breakdown products).

Diet on cereals for 10 days

This option lasts 10 days, during this time, you can lose weight by 5 kg On the diet from the diet exclude meat and any meat products, fish, sugar, salt, animal fats, flour products, dairy products, eggs and potatoes.

In fact, you can eat only porridge, cooked in water (all except semolina) and veggies and fruit. We encourage you to drink water and teas. Vegetable oil is allowed, but in limited quantities. Eat porridge at any time, even shortly before bedtime. Cereals can be alternated or mixed (for example, rice with millet).

Recipe buckwheat porridge with vegetables

This is a useful and nutritious dish, so it is worthy to decorate your dietary table. While cooking, use minimal amount of oil.

• Buckwheat – 1.5 PT.
• Greens
• Carrots – 1 PC.
• Ripe tomato – 1 PC.
• Beetroot (small) – 1 PC.
• onion – 1 PC.
• Red bell pepper – 1 PC.
• Boiling water – 3 tbsp

Simmered in a small amount of vegetable oil chopped vegetables, add the buckwheat, let it cook gently for her with vegetables 4-5 minutes, then pour in the boiling water, cover and simmer for 20 minutes. In the finished porridge, add chopped leaves and serve the dish on the table.

Diet 6 kas

as the name suggests, this diet is based on cereals as much as 6 of them need to cook lean cereal, alternating in a specific order. In the last, the seventh day of the diet, all grains need to be mixed in equal proportions and team cook porridge. Diet before is recommended to free the bowel with cleansing enemas. So, on the days of the cereal are as follows:
• Monday – unsalted wheat porridge
• Tuesday – unsalted millet cereal
• Environment – unsalted oatmeal (from grains, not flakes)
• Thursday, unsalted boiled rice (better use brown rice)
• Friday – unsalted barley porridge
• Saturday – unsalted barley porridge
• Sun – unsalted porridge from a mixture of grains

To prepare porridge, in the evening soak cereals in cold water (in the ratio 1:3), about half an hour, bring to boil and simmer for 5 minutes. Then wrap the mess with a towel and leave it till the morning.

in the Morning, immediately after waking up, drink a glass of warm water (you can acidify it with lemon juice) and 20 minutes later have Breakfast porridge. On the last day of the diet may be enriched with vegetables and fruit. It is also possible to drink low-fat yogurt. Welcome freshly made juices and green tea. The basis of liquid diet is still water.

Any diet on cereals can stick to twice a year. Contraindications for this technique are almost there, but to avoid problems, consult a doctor.