Diet Larisa Dolina

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The story of the diet

In fact, from the variety of diets the Valley it is difficult to identify one that allows the singer to maintain perfect weight. Judging by the confessions of our heroine, her way to physical perfection lasts for a very long time.

At the beginning of his career, the singer was so into the concert business that was not paying attention to your figure. This attitude to your image changed after Larisa Alexandrovna saw that picture, highlights all the shortcomings of her figure (this happened before the birth of her daughter angelina).

From this point the Valley is obsessed with itself. She tried different diets and even starving (the record was a two-week refusal to eat). He was fond of the singer and the famous Herbalife (incidentally, the Valley says that this product is really allowed her to correct my figure).

it is regrettable, but all efforts Larisa Alexandrovna brought only temporary results – she dropped 20-25 kg, and then again back to their normal settings. It turned out that the cause is certain health problems.

Sport in the life of Larisa Dolina

Larisa Alexandrovna notes that fasting it is much easier than exercise. Singer ignores sport clubs, and this contributes not even laziness, and the realization that the figure is far from perfect (apparently, our heroine during the years of struggle with excess weight have developed a strong complex).

Options Diet Valley

As already mentioned, Larisa Alexandrovna has done many diets. We offer to your attention some of them – the principle of the following meal plans are broadly similar but there are some differences.

Option # 1

Protein-carbohydrate diet, the Valley lasts for 7 days. During this time, you can lose 4-7 kg (depending on initial performance). Products should be distributed into 4-6 portions and eat throughout the day (until 18.00).

• Monday: potatoes, boiled in their skins – 5 PCs and low-fat yogurt (you can substitute unsweetened drinkable yogurt) – 500 ml
• Tuesday: sour cream minimum fat content of 200 g and low-fat yogurt (unsweetened yogurt) – 500 ml
• Wednesday: cottage cheese – 200 g, and low-fat yogurt (unsweetened yogurt) – 500 ml
• the Fourth day: boiled or cooked in a double boiler chicken fillet without skin – 500 g, low-fat yogurt (unsweetened yogurt) – 500 ml
• Friday (optional): green apples – 1 kg; raw carrots – 500 g, soaked in water, prunes – 300 g low-fat yogurt (unsweetened yogurt) – 500 ml
• Saturday: low-fat yogurt (unsweetened yogurt) – 1 tbsp
• Sunday: melt or sparkling mineral water

Option # 2

To prepare the body for the diet, before starting it is necessary to arrange fasting day and do an enema (for the whole duration of the diet is recommended to continue to clean the intestines – this will relieve constipation and stimulates the process of losing weight).

This diet is built on strict adherence to regime: you need to eat every 2 hours, starting at 8.00 and finishing at 18.00. Before the meal should drink 50 ml herbal infusion including camomile, St. John's wort or calendula. Free liquid is limited to about 500 ml.

the Duration of the first phase of the diet – 7 days. This is followed by a break of 7 days (the power supply circuit is not regulated, but it is impossible to overeat). Next comes the turn of the second phase, lasting a week. Menus for both phases diet remains unchanged. Over the entire period, you can lose weight 7-9 kg.


every day except the 6th day of the diet, you should drink 500 ml of kefir 1% fat content.

• Monday: baked potato without salt and fat – 400 g
• Second day: cottage cheese – 500 grams
• Wednesday: sweet and sour fruits – 400 g
• Thursday: boiled or cooked in the crockpot chicken breast without skin and salt — 400 g
• Friday: sweet and sour fruits – 400 g
• Saturday: only water — 1,5 l
• Sunday: sweet and sour fruits – 400 g

Option # 3

This option is also designed for 2 weeks, but break it into stages is not necessary. These products should distribute into 4-6 portions and eat until 18.00.


the Amount of water is limited to 1 l Daily supposed to drink 500 ml low-fat yogurt.

• Monday: soaked in water dried fruits – 300 g
• Tuesday: boiled in their jackets or baked without fat potatoes – 10 PCs.
• Environment: green apples – 10 PCs.
• Thursday: boiled in unsalted water chicken – 1 kg
• Friday: cheese – 1 kg
• Saturday: sour cream minimum fat content of 1 liter
• Sunday: only non-carbonated water – 2 l


Any of the options diet Larisa Dolina is contraindicated in case if the immune system failed (this occurs after an illness, poisoning, and when the deficiency of vitamins in the cold season). Diet Valley should not be practiced if there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract. An obstacle can be any chronic disease.

the Japanese Diet are presented in different ways, but they all are based on the combination of protein and carbohydrates – hard limit shall be any fats and salt. Whichever option you choose, before diet consult your doctor.