Diet for a stomach ulcer

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a stomach Ulcer develops on the background of a wrong diet and excessive stress on the nervous system. The main symptoms of this problem are pain, intermittent in the upper abdomen, and heartburn, nausea and belching. Diet for stomach ulcers, protects the digestive organs from any harmful factors.

The basic principles of the diet

meal Plan for peptic ulcer provides the gastrointestinal tract with maximum comfort. The exception are products with a strong sokogonnym action, or providing thermal irritation of the gastric mucosa (hot and cold food should not be consumed).

Diet during ulcers involves frequent and smaller meals – it protects the stomach lining from mechanical stretching. Patients need to limit salt intake to 10-12 grams per day. The diet should contain sufficient proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins (A, b and C) and mineral salts.

Many doctors recommend that patients with stomach ulcer enrich their menu with milk – it is useful elements, triggers the regeneration processes. If this valuable product is poorly absorbed and causes some discomfort, it is permissible to enter into the tea.

it is believed that vegetable oil promote rapid healing of the ulcers, however, patients should not be excluded from the diet and animal fats (they should be 2/3 of the daily requirement of this element).

the chemical composition of the diet for gastric ulcers is the following:
• Carbohydrates – 400-450 g
• Fats and proteins – 100 g

the Optimal caloric intake is around 3000 — 3200 calories.

Foods recommended to eat with stomach ulcer

• white bread (stale or dried), crackers, not biscuits and biscuits – 400 grams per day
• Mucous or pureed soups, cereal, dairy, vegetables (cabbage should not be included in the dish)
• Eggs, boiled soft-boiled or prepared in the form of a steam omelette – 2 PCs per day
• Dairy products (cream, milk, fresh sour cream, fresh sour curd)
• Meals from poultry and meat without skin and tendons (the priority of dishes from minced meat)
• Dishes from cereals and pasta
• Meals are low-fat varieties of river fish.
• vegetable Dishes
• Fats (vegetable oil 25-30 grams, butter — 35-45 g).
• the Sweet varieties of berries and fruit (they should be boiled, baked or shredded)
• Sweet dishes — jellies, creams, compotes of pureed sweet berries and fruit, jelly, souffles, mousses
• White dairy sauces
• Natural fruit juices
• a Decoction of rose hips
• a Decoction of wheat bran.

just before bedtime, the patient is recommended to drink warm milk.

Foods that you should not eat with a stomach ulcer

fall Under the ban:
• Strong broth (including the mushrooms or vegetables)
• Fatty fish, poultry, meat
• Refractory fat
• Not mashed fiber
• Pickles, spicy snacks, any canned food and sausage
• Butter cakes
• Dark breads
• Ice cream
• Alcohol in any form.

Sample menu for gastric

This menu is mechanically and chemically sparing. It contains fats of animal and vegetable origin that have a beneficial effect on the organs and systems of the body.

all day:
1. White bread yesterday's baking — 400 g
2. Sugar – not more than 50 g
3. Butter – 20 g
4. Free liquids — 0.8 l (total quantity of liquid including first course – 1.5 l)


• the First Breakfast: couple of eggs (you can cook them soft-boiled or prepared in the form of an omelette), and also semolina – 250-300 g, and weak tea with milk
• lunch: steam meat cutlet with mashed potatoes, seasoned with olive oil, and mashed milk porridge and a glass of milk
• Lunch: pureed semolina soup with milk, steam meatballs, thin mashed potatoes with milk with a small piece of butter, and 100 grams of fruit jelly
• Dinner: a serving of steamed fish, mashed potatoes, olive oil and mashed rice milk

Proper diet for a stomach ulcer – the key to successful treatment of this disease. Remember that in the preparation of the diet should take into account the recommendations of the attending physician.