Dieta Montignac

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The principles of the Montignac diet

Montignac in its weight loss methods put quite strange for diet principle: it invited people not to refuse to eat, but rather eat to lose weight. A lover of expensive restaurants recommended his followers to eat with pleasure and in any case not to starve.

the Mechanism of weight loss is based on the monitoring of the work of the pancreas. Montignac brought to the fore such a thing as glycemic index (GI). This index allows you to navigate, how to increase the sugar level after consumption of a product. The higher the GI, the more insulin produced by the body, and this in turn stimulates fat deposition.

the Montignac diet, the emphasis is on foods with a low GI (below 55). This nutrition plan is divided into two stages, the duration of which is determined individually.

Invalid products

During the diet should avoid any foods, glycemic index exceeding 70. This category includes:
• Products made with white flour (yeast and puff pastry)
• soda, beer, Cola, kvass, sweet (store-bought) juices and fruit drinks
• a Portion of fruit and vegetables: fried or boiled potatoes, legumes, pumpkin, watermelon, grapes, dried fruits
• Sugar (including grape)
• Gelatin
• Milk chocolate and candy
• Cereals noodles
• cornflakes and muesli.
• Chips

Valid products

foods with a GI 55-70 (average level)

the Products of this group may be included in the diet, however the size of portions will have substantially cut.

• Products made from flour (including rye bread)
• Beets, green peas, carrots, pineapple, raisins, cantaloupe, banana, kiwi, apricot, papaya, mango, potatoes
• Honey
• Rice, corn, semolina
• Popcorn

Priority products

foods with a low GI (50)

• Vegetable juice
• Grapefruit, plums, cherries, green apples, pears, nuts, peaches, lettuce, mushrooms
• Apple and orange juices (without added sugar)
• Bitter dark chocolate (80% cacao)
• wheat grass, and wild (black) rice
• Dairy products
• Meat, poultry, fish
• Soy milk
• Eggs

The first phase of the diet Montignac

the first stage of the diet is weight reduction and consolidation of the results achieved. During this period, any products, glycemic index exceeding 55, fall under a strict ban.

Without restrictions you can eat:
• Greens
• Vegetable soup
• Vegetables (fresh, steamed)
• Mushrooms
• Fruits and berries in any form
• Any type of fish
• Lean meats
• Meat poultry without skin
• Shrimp and squid
• Egg
• Bread with bran (Breakfast)
• Pasta of wheat flour
• Brown or wild rice
• Red beans
• low Calorie mayonnaise
• shrimp
• cheese
• low-Fat yogurt
• Lean ham

a diet, don't forget that Montignac has relied on the separate power supply. Carbohydrates with a GI of more than 20 should not be consumed with fat-containing foods (mayonnaise, cheese, any butter and fatty meats).

Meat is incompatible with potatoes and bread, and polished rice. It makes sense to eat with non-starchy vegetables.

Between the consumption of fatty foods and carbohydrates should not be less than three hours. To eat the recommended diet (that is, at the same time). The duration of this phase depends on the desired results.

The second phase of the diet Montignac

the Second stage allows you to expand a little diet – menu you can enter fats and carbohydrates (limited and accompanied by fiber-rich vegetables). Butter is not welcome, it is better to replace vegetable.


the Montignac Diet does not guarantee rapid weight loss, but to lose weight on this system is quite comfortable – the body eventually gets used to no sweets. One of the main advantages of the technique is a stable result that it provides.