Diet for blood group 2 positive

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Blood group 2 positive

One, in whose veins flows the second positive blood group refers to the "clan of farmers", which was formed during the transition to a settled way of life. This group owns about a third of all people living on the globe (to be precise, it is 37.8 per cent).

Carriers of the second positive group characterized by a permanence, communication skills, discipline and organization. People of this type easily adapt to the change of diet and habitat. They are more suited to vegetarian diet plan – vegetarian diet enhances the immune system and normalize the digestive system.

the weaknesses of this type includes a sensitive digestive tract, susceptibility to viral infections, increased excitability of the nervous system. Representatives of this group are prone to diseases of the liver, gall bladder, cardiovascular system. They are at risk for cancer, diabetes and anemia.

The diet diet for blood group 2 positive

Carriers of the second positive group of blood is recommended to stick to a predominantly vegetarian diet. Useful to them the following products:
• Vegetables and salads from them
• Fruits (except oranges, papaya, tangerines, coconut, rhubarb, bananas)
• Cereals and dishes from them
• Legumes (especially soy)
• Fish (except halibut, plaice, herring, seafood and caviar)
• Sugar (small amount)
• low-fat cheese
• Any dairy products
• Vegetable oil
• Green tea
• Coffee
• Red wine
• Juices (especially helpful: carrot, cherry, pineapple, grapefruit)
• Water with lemon juice
• Herbal teas from ginseng, Echinacea

Junk drinks are: orange juice, black tea and soda water.

the group of undesirable products include:
• Meat birds
• Meat
• Corn
• Ice cream
• Pepper different varieties
• Whole milk

Diet for blood group 2 imposes the restriction on caloric intake, as descendants of "farmers" tend to the formation of excess fat. They are useful to enter into the diet of foods rich in b vitamins, and also calcium, zinc, iron, chromium, and selenium. The best results are achieved by abandoning the pharmacy of vitamins in favor of natural products.

Physical activity

"Farmers" need to exercise regularly, but not to overload yourself in any case. Welcome-to moderate-intensity exercises, concentration and will (tai Chi, yoga).

Special recommendation

Carriers of the second positive group of blood most often have a reduced gastric acidity is what makes them so difficult to digest meat (this requires a higher acidity). Meat from this group provokes a decrease in the rate of metabolism, which occurs due to weight gain.

Vegetarian menu enhances immunity, and are contained in vegetables and fruits phytoncides protect against viruses and bacteria.

the media has b positive blood delicate mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract, which does not tolerate an excess of spicy, sour and fatty foods. Not very well perceived by the organism fermented and salty food. Harm to the body cause: salted and smoked fish, potatoes, cabbage in any form, any pickles.

Dairy products cause fermentation in the stomach, so the "farmers" should use them rarely and in limited quantities (with the exception of fermented milk drinks and cheese). As a protein source representatives of the second positive group can use the eggs, both chicken and quail.

Diet for blood group b positive good because it allows you to cleanse the body of harmful accumulations. When switching to the vegetarian menu "farmers" have a chance to live a long life, not marred by a bunch of chronic diseases.