Diet Polina Gagarina

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Russian singer, songwriter, composer and actress Polina Gagarina striking in its ephemeral harmony. How do the popular singer to stay in shape? Is there a diet Polina Gagarina?

The story of the diet

Pauline admits that after his son's birth (it happened happy event in 2007) she had the extra weight. To return antenatal form, the singer had to lose 10 lbs. Pauline decided not to trust popular methods of weight loss, special medication it did not attract, and meticulous calorie counting it was considered too tedious process. On this basis, our heroine decided to create his own method of correction, and what succeeded – in just 2 months the excess weight is gone, and good figure once again become her "calling card".

Recommendations diet

To begin with it is necessary to understand the proposed rules are not "one-time" measure is a nutrition program for life. According to the assurances of Pauline, the weight used is easy, and the observance of simple recommendations allows you to nip in the Bud the negative changes of the shape (you have all the chances to keep a good shape to old age).

the Main measure for successful correction is the refusal of sweet and starchy foods. Sweet pastry can be substituted with beneficial breads (wholegrain, rye, bran). You will also have to abandon starchy vegetables and very sweet fruit. You can always find an alternative to potatoes and bananas – in response to this action, your body will quickly return to normal. If you can not imagine living without these products, try to combine them with less sweet and starchy varieties, for example, prepare fruit salad, using only a banana as the norm of apples and kiwi, on the contrary, increasing. Potatoes perfectly combine the squash – they have the lowest caloric content and neutral taste.

Pauline advised to give up alcohol – it not only has a high calorific value, but also increases the appetite (and this causes us to overeat). The maximum that you can afford a glass of dry wine of good quality. This healthy drink has a beneficial effect on the body, and at the same time and speeds up metabolism (and therefore activates fat burning).

During weight loss in the basis of the diet food should be of plant origin. Most of the fruits and vegetables have a low calorie content. Plant foods provide us with nutrients, provides a supply of coarse dietary fibers, necessary for the proper functioning of the digestive system and proper bowel cleansing.

Pauline advises to eat soups, cooked in meat broth, but the meat should be as lean. Broths are useful in that provide us with protein in easily digestible form. Of course, to cook soups can and vegetable broths – they are also very useful. Another important component of the menu of a popular singer – seafood. They are the source of protein, minerals and vitamins, but do not provide a large supply of calories.

Physical activity

the Main component of the program slimming Polina Gagarina are sport. To maintain the shape of Gagarin dancing and shaping. Weekly, Pauline is dedicated to sports for at least 4 hours. Deciding to lose weight, be sure to follow her example.


Diet Polina Gagarina attractive for its simplicity. All that is required for figure correction – nutrition and physical activity. Such a scheme, judging by the reviews, gives good result.