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The diet for 5 days


the Problem of weight loss deserves a competent and clear approach. We all know that everyone's body is special. What will suit one — not the fact that will be useful for another. In every person's life, I think we have a situation when for a short period of time needed to lose a few extra pounds. In this case you should use a diet that will last only five days.

the five-day diet easily tolerated by the body, as it has a short duration. The only rule in this case is – in any case not to renew, no matter how great was the desire to achieve outstanding results. Otherwise not excluded negative consequences to the body. Before starting a diet should consult with a specialist. After all, some of these provides trainings for five days provide for fairly rigid diet, often still and monotonous food.

Orange-egg diet for weight loss for 5 days

For example, consider the orange-egg diet that must be followed within five days. This diet is obviously not suitable for people with kidney disease or high acidity of the stomach. The meaning is that throughout the period it is necessary every day to eat 3 oranges and 2 eggs in each of the three meals – Breakfast, lunch, dinner. The egg should be cooked in the omelet. In between, you should drink plain water, carbonated mineral water, green tea. During this you can lose about 3 kilograms.

Modedata for 5 days with alternating

There is another five-day diet that is recommended for use in motivated people who do not have health problems. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that every day you will need to accept products of the same kind. On our first day in accordance with the rules of the diet are instructed to eat no more than a glass of boiled rice. The diet of the second day consists of six boiled potatoes. On the third day eat 1.5 kilograms of apples. On the fourth day you can eat no more than a kilogram of cottage cheese with low or zero percentage of fat. On the fifth day, allowed to drink fresh juices from vegetables and fruits. In addition, all of the days you can drink mineral water, tea and coffee without sugar. After the diet is over, to your normal diet, you should return gradually. In the first days it is recommended to eat grains, low fat dairy products, lean meat, berries and fruit. If all conditions are met, there is a chance at the end of five days to part with five extra pounds.

Diet Geisha for 5 days

the Most effective results can be achieved on a "Diet geisha". With it you can lose from 4 to 7 pounds, all for the same day. For the entire time allowed to eat exclusively cooked and unsalted rice without additives. You can drink green tea with milk. Rice grains perform the cleaning function, remove toxins. This property, they do know. Green tea with honey gives the effect of a diuretic. Thus, from the body out all harmful substances and unnecessary fluid. It forms the basis of such high performance "Diet geisha". If the preference to this method to lose weight, it is best to buy brown rice. It is known for a high content of fiber, which in turn will provide a large number of vitamins and minerals and also prevent the formation of excess fat. With regard to the use of water during the diet, it is not limited. Clean water can be drunk in any quantities. Can also be doubled under the diet a Cup of tea.

Consider more effective menu diet "Diet Geisha". Within five days she recommends that such a diet:

Breakfast should consist of 0.5 liter of green tea with milk, sugar should be eliminated. The ratio between these two fluids should be 1:1.

For lunch, you can prepare one serving of rice, brown is better, without adding salt and oil. You can drink 250 ml of low-fat warm milk.

At the dinner recommended to eat one portion of boiled rice, again without salt and oil. Of fluid should be consumed 250 ml of the same tea with milk, the percentage ratio remains 1:1.

Old English diet for 5 days

Another kind of diet that you need to stick to for five days, is "old English". It will allow you to achieve a stunning effect. If you stick to it, you can lose up to ten pounds. According to researchers, the key to its success is to eat foods that are easily accepted by the human body at the genetic level. Main power supply these days is the maximum natural food. The main place is given oatmeal, eggs, butter, cheese, meat of chicken, legume, vegetables, fruits, bread. You can drink black tea, but without sugar and milk. Such a diet and has identified the name of the diet, because it includes the traditional "English" food.

Detailed menu "old English" diet as follows:

the First day
For Breakfast you should eat a serving of oatmeal, drink a Cup of black tea.
Lunch provides a serving of broth on the chicken with a slice of bread from wheat and black tea.
During lunch you can once again drink a Cup of tea.
For dinner, you should eat one sandwich of white bread with butter and drink the traditional serving of tea.

the Second day
For Breakfast eat a portion of oatmeal and drink black tea.
In the afternoon to eat two boiled eggs, a slice of bread with butter and drink a Cup of tea.
lunch provided for a standard serving of tea.
Dinner, two apples.

the Third day
For Breakfast you should eat a third Cup of jam and drink a glass of tea.
For lunch, you should prepare one cooked leg of chicken and drink a glass of tea.
At lunch, drink a serving of black tea
Dinner provides a portion of boiled beans.

the Fourth day
For Breakfast to cook a serving of oatmeal and a Cup of black tea.
At lunch you can eat an omelet of three eggs, preferably chicken.
At lunch, drink a Cup of black tea
During dinner to eat two pears.

the Fifth day
At Breakfast, spread a slice of bread from wheat with butter and add a slice of cheese, drink a serving of black tea.
For lunch eat a boiled chicken leg and drink a glass of low fat warm milk
At lunch, drink a Cup of black tea
For dinner, you should eat two boiled potatoes and drink a glass of tea.

Also common is a diet – "5x5" (5 kg for 5 days)


the Whole period is divided into a day in which to eat separately. In each of these days allowed to eat foods of only one kind: meat, vegetables, fruit, cereals, cheese and water. The key to success lies in strict adherence to the sequence of alternation, it is impossible to eat different foods for one day.

This diet fairly easy to follow. It is a set of five mono-diet. The main advantage of this diet is that weight are not typed after return to normal diet. True then should follow the right diet including healthy foods.

These high achievements are connected with the specifics of burning the fatty cells while respecting the separation of power. Throughout the diet allowed dehydration. Fat cells, by contrast, are spent and it's not muscle, and we need subcutaneous. And this mechanism of action will allow us to achieve our results and maintain the body in good shape.

the Final result will be determined by the original weight. All people are different from each other and have their own structure and characteristics health. And lose weight, too, all at different paces and different from each other with results. If the excess weight is much higher than normal, it is possible to lose 6 to 8 pounds.

Menu five-day diet

the First day is meat
Breakfast includes 150-200 g of boiled beef.
For lunch, you should cook 100-150 g of boiled chicken.
Dinner consists of 200 grams of boiled or braised Turkey.
Bonus! In order to give the meat the taste you can add when cooking with spices and herbs, but in any case not to salt. If you don't eat meat, should be included in the diet instead of tofu, beans, cottage cheese with 0% fat, i.e. foods providing the body with proteins.

the Second day – vegetable.
Breakfast consists of a salad of radishes and cucumbers in the amount of two pieces each.
For lunch saute eggplant with garlic and 1 tsp of olive oil.
the meal consists of 100 g of boiled cabbage kohlrabi.

Third day – fruit.
Breakfast consists of avocado, adding 2 tsp. of honey.
For lunch, you can eat four Mandarin
Dinner consists of 200 grams of dark grape varieties.

the Fourth day – cereal.
For Breakfast, eat 5 tbsp of boiled rice and 2 tbsp of pine nuts.
Lunch is composed of 8 tablespoons of boiled rice and 15 pieces of nuts almonds.
Dinner 6 tbsp of boiled rice and 2 pieces of walnut.
Bonus! For this purpose you can use brown, wild rice. Instead of rice, oatmeal, cereals which you want to use to soak, but do not boil.

the Fifth day – aquatic and cheese.
Breakfast can be enjoyed 5 tbsp low fat cottage cheese, half an hour later drink 2 cups of still water.
Lunch consists of 7 tbsp of curd and 3 cups of water.
For dinner, eat 5 tbsp of curd and drink 2 glasses of water.

All days should follow in a strict order. The first day allows the body to get the protein, and the second cleanses the intestines, and the third increases the level of glucose, the fourth – saturates carbohydrates, the fifth – optimizes the balance of water and salts.