Diet for blood group positive 1

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Historical note

blood type a positive 1 was formed in the first stage of human development. Its carriers are the "hunters" (33,5% of the world population belongs to this type – the type "0"). First blood was the basis for the formation of rest – it is "intertwined with" the new qualitative characteristics, directly dependent not only on the lifestyle of our distant ancestors, but also from the diet.

Feature media 1 blood

Carriers of both positive and negative 1 blood group are leaders. They don't need protection and are often self-sufficient individuals. "Hunters" have a strong digestive system and enviable the immune system and this helps to maintain the body's proper metabolism and optimal balance of nutrients.

ironically, even with such strong structure of the body has its weaknesses: "hunters" lived a sedentary life, therefore, was closely tied to diet and climatic conditions. This, of course, affected the composition of the blood – descendants of the "hunters" are highly sensitive to unfamiliar food (they have it can cause allergic reaction or diarrhea).

due to the fact that the food for the "hunters" are always dominated by the meat, the acidity of gastric juice have increased (only under this condition the hard fiber is successfully digested and absorbed by the body). The descendants of the "hunters", adopting this quality, got a serious problem – increased acidity often provokes the development of peptic ulcer disease.

Modern "hunters" are faced with the problem of poor blood clotting. For their body is characterized by frequent inflammatory processes. Representatives of group 1 in young age may encounter manifestations of arthritis.

The diet diet for blood group positive 1

Media 1 blood group recommended a high protein diet. In liquid diet should prevail:
• Green tea
• Tea on the basis of rose hips, mint, lime, licorice, chamomile, Cayenne pepper
• juice
• Seltzer water

Less preferred, but still acceptable following drinks:
• wine
• Beer
• Teas based on chamomile, Valerian, sage, ginseng, raspberry leaf

Media 1 blood group should be excluded:
• Coffee
• Herbal teas of Echinacea, St. John's wort, hay, strawberry leaf
• spirits

Useful products:
• Liver
• Lamb
• Beef
• Iodized salt
• kelp and kelp
• Fish and seafood
• Sweet fruit
• Greens
• non-acidic vegetables (beets, carrots, radishes, broccoli, etc.)
• Rye bread (limited)
• Legumes
• Buckwheat

To harmful products added:
• All the varieties of cabbage in addition to broccoli
• Oat and wheat flakes
• Pumpkin
• Corn
• Pickles
• Ketchup
• potatoes
• Citrus fruits
• Corn
• Sugar
• Ice cream

Nutritional supplements and vitamins

Media 1 positive blood group should pay attention to the b vitamins, and vitamin K. the Mineral composition of the diet needs to be enriched in iodine, manganese, calcium. To improve digestion requires pancreatic enzymes. The "hunters" do not benefit vitamins a and E. not to grow fat, "hunters" should be actively doing sports: aerobics, skiing, Jogging, swimming, etc.

Additional recommendations

the Owners of the 1st blood group characteristic of a slow metabolism. To speed up the metabolism "hunters" is to abandon wheat, corn, lentil, bean products — they interfere with insulin production and slow the rate of metabolic processes.

"Hunters" benefit products containing iodine: seafood, seaweed, herbs, sea salt. Useful products, stimulating the production of thyroid hormones: radish, radish, daikon radish (you can also enrich the diet of juice of carrot mixed with the juice of any of these vegetable crops).

Diet for blood group first positive allows "hunters" to maintain a good shape to old age. However, don't forget to listen to the clues your own body – it's possible that your digestive system is absolutely not ready to digest large amounts of protein foods.