Diet for nursing mothers

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What is the diet for nursing moms? This question becomes relevant after giving birth. And if women are not able to nourish the baby's chest, can still afford to take liberties in the choice of diet, the nursing mothers have to strictly control your meal plan. This issue is devoted to the current article.

Highlights of nutrition nursing moms

After the birth of the baby the woman loses about 5-6 kg of weight gained in pregnancy (needless to say that this is a purely physiological loss, but does not affect fat stores). Due to the changes in hormone levels and mode of life of some women immediately after childbirth begins to lose weight, but more often there is an increase in body mass. During this period, it is vital to monitor your diet.

Nursing moms in addition have to adhere to a hypoallergenic diet – a proper meal plan allows you to avoid allergies in newborn babies. Postpartum nutrition plan needs to exclude the possibility of developing constipation or bloating.

Prohibited products

What foods not to eat immediately after birth? Doctors recommend eliminating from the diet:
• Strong tea
• Coffee
• Smoked
• Fried and fatty foods
• Chocolate
• Pickles and marinades
• Alcoholic beverages (including beer)

to Return these foods to your diet gives birth, the woman can not earlier, than will finish breast-feeding.

during the first 2-3 weeks after birth to unwanted products added:
• milk
• honey
• Fat cottage cheese
• eggs (yolks)
• Any butter cakes
• Fried dough (pancakes, muffins)
• Sweet, sour, sour, salty foods
• Any canned food
• Fruits and vegetables fresh (especially brightly colored fruits, legumes and Kale)
• Soft drinks (sweet and unsweetened)
• Brew

after a specified period of time, these foods can be gradually introduced into the diet, watching the reaction of the baby.

dietary Restrictions for nursing mothers are not accidental – breast milk incorporates elements derived from food. The developing organism can not cope with the load hence originated the diathesis, the problems with his tummy and sleep (the caffeine in tea and coffee, stimulates the nervous system). In addition, products directly affect the taste of the milk if the baby is or is not satisfied, he may completely abandon breastfeeding.

Optimal diet

What can you eat lactating mother? If a woman difficult to tolerate the rejection of sweets, doctors recommend to pay attention to dried fruit, but in small amounts.

In the daily menu can include the following products:
• Cereals
• Soups (not on a rich broth)
• fruits and Vegetables after heat treatment
• Meat, poultry and fish vegetable varieties
• Vegetable oil
• Pasta from durum wheat
• cheese
• Nuts (in limited quantities)

Products can be boiled, steamed, baked, broiled (not fried). The serving temperature of the dishes does not matter. Recommended fractional power mode (4-6 times a day).

meals should not be large (even if you really want to eat, their weight need to control). If appetite during this period makes a woman "eat for two", it inevitably leads to the appearance of extra weight, besides, too much fatty milk, not all babies considered normal. To "trick" the stomach can, before meals drinking a glass of warm water.

kas the most preferable option is oatmeal. Any meals should not fill a large amount of fat. Meat, poultry, fish, recommended to eat only once a day.

the Optimal caloric intake is calculated individually, but the figure must be in the range of 2700 kcal (you can increase or decrease the rate, but not by much). For milk production the body spends on average 800 calories, we should also consider that young mothers during the day spend quite a lot of calories taking care of the baby. However, overeating can not in any case, it is best if milk production the body to use excess fat formed during pregnancy.

And finally: doctors strongly recommend that women immediately after childbirth to sit on a low calorie diet for weight loss. Even if the mother feeds the baby with her milk, her body needs some reserves of energy to restore the normal function of internal organs. Deciding to lose weight during this period, you can seriously hurt himself.