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Diet for kidney stones


The details of the choice of diet for stones in kidney

Before you can assign a diet, the doctor will ask you to take the tests necessary to determine the composition of stones:
• Analysis of blood and urine to the transport of salts
• General analysis of urine
• analysis of the structure and mineral composition of the stone (if there is a pattern left behind from the body)

Diet for stones in kidney

the Stones can be oxalate and urate, respectively, the diet is slightly different.

Diet if uraturia (diet for urate stones)

the Purpose of this diet is the restoration of the metabolism of purines, reducing the intensity of synthesis of uric acid salts, a shift reaction of urine in the alkaline side.

the Diet excludes foods that are rich in oxalic acid and purines. Salt, protein and fat imposed a moderate constraint. The basis of the diet are foods rich locaabrace elements.

the Chemical composition of the diet:
• Fats and proteins – 80 g
• Carbohydrates – 400 g (of which sugars not more than 50 g)
• Salt – 4-6 g

free liquid: 1.5-2.5 L. Energy value of the diet: 3000 calories.

the Exception are:
• the Meat of young animals
• Legumes
• Fatty meats (or meat and fried in smoked form)
• Offal (liver, kidneys, brains)
• Sorrel, spinach,
• Meat, mushroom, fish broth
• Fried fish
• Coffee cocoa and chocolate
• Alcoholic beverages

power Mode provides 5 meals per day. Culinary processing of products and serving temperature of food is not regulated. As support the body a diet enriched with vitamins B1 and C.

the basis of the diet:
• Vegetarian soups (vegetable, fruit, cereal)
• Milk soups
• White and black bread
• Milk, dairy products
• Sugar and honey (limited)
• Products from cereals,
• Sweet fruit and jam from them
• Fruit and berry juices
• Vegetables (carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, etc.)
• Condiments (lemon juice, Bay leaf, vinegar)
• Egg
• Meat, lean fish

sample menu

• Breakfast: vegetable salad with vegetable oil, egg, soft-boiled carrot-Apple pudding and tea
• Second Breakfast: sweetened decoction of rose hips
• Lunch: milk soup, potato patties, jelly
• Snack: sweet apples
• Dinner: oven baked cheese cakes, vegetable stuffed cabbage rolls, tea
• Before sleep: a decoction of wheat bran.

When oxaluria diet (diet for calcium oxalate stones)

In this case, the stones contain calcium salt of oxalic acid. The diet aims to alkalization of urine, and reducing the amount of oxalates and substances in them is converted.

the Diet is based on limiting chemical stimuli. Minimizes the consumption of fats and foods rich in cholesterol. Priority for products rich in fiber.

the Chemical composition of the diet:
• Fats – 70 g
• Proteins – 100 g
• Carbohydrates - 500-550 g (sugar – 30 g per day)

Caloric intake up to 3500 calories. Free liquid: 2-2.5 l of Cold and hot dishes is contraindicated.

the basis of the diet:
• White and rye bread (yesterday's baking)
• Soaked herring
• Milk, sour cream (a bit), fresh yogurt, cottage cheese (400 g per day), butter (60 g per day)
• Eggs without the yolks (the yolks can, but only in the composition of foods and no more than 1 piece a day)
• Milk, vegetable, cereal vegetarian soup without Browning the ingredients.
• Lean fish, meat and poultry, boiled
• the dishes of pasta and cereals
• Vegetables, fruits, berries (except sour varieties)
• juice, jam, jelly
• White sauces
• Fruit juice

fall Under the ban:
• Sorrel, lettuce, peppers, spinach, parsley, asparagus, beets, Brussels sprouts and red cabbage, celery, radish, green beans, lentils, mushrooms, fried potatoes
• Wine berries, rhubarb, plum, strawberry, gooseberry, red currant, cranberry
• Fatty meats
• Meat and fish broth
• Jellies
• products made of dough
• Canned and smoked
• Ice cream
• Cocoa, strong tea, tomato juice and kvass

sample menu

• Breakfast: salad, dressed with sour cream, tea with milk, a slice of bread with butter
• Lunch: boiled meat, crumbly buckwheat porridge and juice
• Dinner: vegetable soup with sour cream, boiled fish with mashed potatoes and boiled carrots, sour sauerkraut and compote
• Dinner: macaroni casserole with cottage cheese, baked cabbage cutlets and compote
• Before sleep: pudding and muffin baking yesterday,

Diet for kidney stone disease must be assigned to a doctor after passing patients required analyses. In this case, it is guaranteed to provide lasting improvement.