Diet in cholecystitis and pancreatitis

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General provisions

If you have problems with the pancreas and gallbladder, patients are assigned a so-called diet No. 5. Will tell you about its fundamental principles.

First of all, you need to give yourself the fractional and frequent meals: meals should be taken at the same time, in small portions, at least 5-6 times a day. Frequent meals improved digestion of fats, which is very important for a speedy recovery. The total daily weight of food consumed should not exceed 3.5 kg.

it is Forbidden to eat food too hot or too cold.

Diet with cholecystitis and pancreatitis implies a complete exclusion from the diet of pickles, smoked meats, pickles and canned food. The ban covers also nourishing soups based on oily fish and meat broths, cakes, pastries, desserts and other sweets, as well as such vegetables contain large amounts of essential oils (onion, radish, radish, rutabaga and garlic).

the basis of the diet should be cooked food. It is useful to cook all sorts of puree, souffle, steam cutlets, savory puddings. Also perfectly digested various cereals (in the acute period must be prepared in the water), light soups, cereals, stewed vegetables and low-fat dairy products.

Especially food with cholecystitis

Strictly prohibited any fried foods, legumes, alcohol, fatty meats, spices. Salt intake should be limited to 10 grams per day.

In the list of allowed foods include lean meat and poultry, cooking oil, stale bread, sweet fruits and berries, butter (20 g per day), low-fat dairy products, sugar (not more than 70 g per day). Twice a week is allowed to eat povarennaya egg.

The peculiarities of nutrition in pancreatitis

In the diet should minimize the consumption of fats and carbohydrates. Strictly forbidden mushroom and cabbage soups, sausages, ice cream, alcohol.

In the daily diet can be included the following products: lean poultry, veal and beef, lean fish, low-fat dairy products, egg white omelette, butter, bread, pasta, cereals (especially oats and buckwheat).

Drinking diet

in both diseases the course of the day you should drink plenty of fluids – 2-2,5 liters. However, immediately after a meal to drink water is prohibited, it is necessary first to wait 2 hours. Diet in cholecystitis and pancreatitis does not allow the consumption of coffee, cocoa and carbonated beverages, they will easily replace weak tea, stewed dried fruit, sparkling mineral water, broth hips — these drinks have a positive effect as the pancreas and biliary tract.