Diet for acne

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The causes of acne

Why on the face, arms, shoulders, chest pimples? The causes of this problem are many and they are:
• Genetic predisposition
• Allergic reaction of an organism in response to external or internal stimulus
• Hormonal "storm"
• Bold the nature of the skin
• a Weak immune system and slagging of the intestine (in principle, these two factors are closely interrelated)
• Use of substandard or the wrong type of skin cosmetics
• Use of certain drugs (particularly antibiotics)

only diet rarely eliminates the problem, but it gives all the prerequisites for a successful treatment.

The principle of operation

Diet for acne is aimed at cleansing the bowel. Proven that the slag remaining in it, will eventually begin to spread throughout the body, getting blood all organs and systems. Many traditional healers and also some representatives of traditional medicine believe that it is this process that triggers the development of chronic diseases, to get rid of which can only be completely cleared his bowels.

If the filters of our body (liver, kidneys) can not cope with the "dirt" part of this function takes on the skin – it brings out the toxins. As compensation for this "good deed" we get a rash. Worth repeating: only one change in meal plan and colon cleanse may not have the full effect. Only a specialist (gynecologist-endocrinologist, dermatologist, allergist) will tell you the correct way of getting rid of the problem.

Proper nutrition with acne

One of the main rules of the diet from acne is the lack of allergens – even if you never connected the rash with certain foods, try to eliminate from the diet of so-called highly allergenic foods: chocolate, egg yolk, coffee. With caution eat honey, nuts and citrus fruits – these products, though useful, but can cause rashes.

the Second unspoken rule of diet in acne: a significant limitation in the diet of animal fats, simple sugars and salt. Excess fat and simple carbohydrates increases the oiliness of the skin and consequently, leads to pimples (clogged pores by sebum, which is the precipitating factor). Salt prevents the removal of excess skin moisture.

the basis of the diet is the food of plant origin – it is rich in fiber which effectively cleans the bowel. Organic acids, vitamins and minerals contribute to improving the health of the skin. By the way, vegetables and fruits should be taken not only in the form of dishes – it makes sense to use as the basis for masks.

it is Very useful to enrich dishes with a lot of greenery is not only a vitamin concentrate, but also a kind of "broom" for the intestines (the greens practically is not digested). Do not forget about the cereals (except semolina).

a Useful addition is the protein food of animal origin: lean meat, lean fish, dairy products low in fat. Very useful dairy drinks: yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt. These products restore intestinal flora. Rubbing skin problem dairy beverages also brings a benefit.

to cleanse the body and normalize the skin, nutritionists recommend once a week to arrange unloading on yogurt, vegetables or fruits. The strongest personality may periodically hold water starvation.


the Diet will not bring the desired effect if you do not follow the diet. Eat frequently (4-6 times a day), but quite small portions. Needas at night, you will not get rid of the problem, but exacerbate it – dinner should coincide with the six or seven o'clock in the evening. After this milestone, you can afford only low-fat dairy drink water or Apple.

Products that contribute to acne

the Appearance of acne contribute to:
• Greasy and fried foods
• Pastries
• pastries
• Bold sauces, meats, spicy seasonings
• soft drinks purchased in stores (packaged juices, soft drinks)
• Canned and semi-finished products
• Oil creams, condensed milk, ice cream
• Fast food
• Any products contain unnatural additives

Diet for acne, as mentioned, does not have a fixed menu. You can create your own diet by following the recommendations listed above.