Diet diarrhea

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Causes of diarrhea (diarrhoea)

Diarrhea develops due to acceleration of digestion and dysfunction of the intestinal tract. Because of this, the bowel movements become frequent and have a liquid consistency. The body of the patient is catastrophically quickly loses moisture, which is especially dangerous in children (in less developed countries diarrhea is a frequent cause of infant death).

the Cause of this disease are viral (hepatitis, herpes) or bacterial infection, food poisoning or drugs (in most cases – antibiotics).

Drinking regime

As already mentioned, liquid stool cause the body to lose moisture, so patients need to be mandatory to restore proper fluid balance.

Rehydration therapy is based on a special saline solutions sold in pharmacies (this Gidrovit, Regidron). They include all the elements that are washed out from the body: potassium, sodium and glucose. Mandatory patients give non-carbonated water (preferably mineral), as well as juice, broth hips, jelly, weak cocoa on water, tea.

Microflora restoration

Defeat the pathogens prevailing in the intestine during this period, help probiotics. During rotavirus infection prescribe Lactobacillus (Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus rhamnosus). Diarrhea caused by taking antibiotics, useful in the yeast Saccharomyces boulardii.

Diet for diarrhea in adults

This diet is suitable for both adults and children, who had to move to eating solid food. The correct eating plan increases the vitality of the body and helps to restore the activity of the intestine.

starvation diarrhea is not desirable – it should only adhere if this condition is accompanied by vomiting (when patients designate a rich liquid diet).

the Volume of meals should decrease but not by more than half. Patients recommended mode fractional power in small portions of food (a children's version of the diet involves pureed foods and products).

Fats and carbohydrates during the period of diarrhoea are limited to lower limits, while the proportion of protein should remain at a normal level. Diet protects the digestive tract from the proceeds of sour, spicy, hot and cold (that is, fall under the ban of any chemical, thermal and mechanical stimuli).

the diet of the Diet protects the body from food, stimulating the secretion of gastric juice and cause fermentation and gas formation in the intestine (it's cabbage, beans, etc.). In order not to provoke the intestine, patients should rest after meals.

Welcome mashed and viscous food (mashed mucous membranes soups, well boiled and mashed rice porridge on the water). You can eat dried bread, salted crackers, dry biscuits. Bring the body to favor baked vegetables and fruits (potatoes, apples). Feed the body and "fix" the chair dishes from chicken eggs can be boiled soft-boiled or prepared in the form of steam omelet.

3-6 days, patients can expand the diet to include:
• Meat and fish burgers and meatballs, steamed
• Weak broth of lean meat
• Grated cheese
• Vegetable broths and soups

When cooking the beef patties and meatballs meat several times passed through a meat grinder.

the Exception are:
• Dairy products (except cheese)
• Packaged juices
• Coffee
• Alcoholic and carbonated beverages
• Spicy foods
• All fried and greasy
• brown bread
• the Mushrooms and the broth from them
• strong meat and fish broth
• Fresh vegetables and fruits
• Pickles and smoked meats

it is Unacceptable to use any products, which can cause allergies in a patient. The maximum amount of sugar — 40 g.

Diet for diarrhea in children

If diarrhea is tormented by a baby who is breastfed, the mother should go to hypoallergen diet. The baby ought to be put to the breast as often as possible. Feeding in this period are undesirable.

Children who are on artificial feeding during diarrhea do not give cow's milk. Allowed lactose-free formula. The amount of food recommended to reduce. Diet remains fractional. The baby needs to drink a lot.

• Blueberry jelly
• Hot water
• Tea with a small amount of sugar
• a Decoction of raisins
• Glucose-saline solutions

Diet for diarrhea has on the gastrointestinal sparing effect. If symptoms of diarrhea persist, consult a doctor about further treatment.