Tomato diet for weight loss

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Briefly about the benefits of

Tomatoes unique vegetable culture. In his part of the delicious fruits have organic acids, dietary fibers, mono - and disaccharides. Tomatoes are rich in vitamins (PP, A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, C, d, E, K). In the pulp of the fruit contains minerals: iron, calcium, potassium, iodine, phosphorus, etc.

Rich composition and composition (19.9 kcal/100 g) make this crop an invaluable product for the diet. Tomatoes provide a light diuretic effect and helps burn fat. Fiber contained in them, removes the harmful accumulation (including excess cholesterol), and stimulates intestinal activity.

Express diet for 2 days

during this time you need to eat only fresh tomatoes – a day supposed to eat 1.5 kg of fruit useful. Liquid diet include unsweetened teas (priority green), and sparkling water. If desired, part of the daily intake of tomatoes can be used in the form of puree, chopped fruit with a blender.

note: it is believed that minerals contained in tomatoes are well absorbed in combined with salt – you can add some salt the fruit and can stick to the canons a salt-free diet. Every day spent on the tomato diet, carries up to 1 kg of excess weight.

Diet on tomato juice

This diet may last 1-2 weeks because it includes a variety of foods (the exhaustion can not be afraid). Menu should be totally independent, but the list of products is limited.

you Can eat
• Fresh or boiled vegetables (potato, in a limited number)
• Lean meats, poultry and fish boiled.
• Eggs (whites only)
• low fat cheese (limited)
• low-fat cottage cheese
• Fresh or baked fruit

liquid diet consists of:
• Unsweetened teas
• Water
• Tomato juice

Each meal is accompanied by consumption of tomato juice (some people prefer to drink juice before meal – it takes a certain volume of the stomach and reduces the calorie intake). Weight loss depends on the initial performance – in an average week 2-3 kg.

Tomato diet for 3 days

This diet allows you to eat the above foods, but replacing juice are fresh tomatoes (every meal need to incorporate them, eating 1-2 fruit). As in the previous case, tomatoes can be eaten before meals, thereby reducing the amount of food eaten. Weight loss in 3 days is 1-2 kg With a good tolerability of the duration of the diet can be increased.

Sample menu

• Breakfast: egg whites and a large tomato
• Second Breakfast: a couple slices of low-fat cheese and large tomato
• Lunch: boiled chicken breast – 80-100 g and tomato salad, dressed with low-fat yogurt or olive oil cold pressed
• Snack: couple of slices of low-fat cheese and large tomato
• Dinner: 2 tbsp of granular cottage cheese and tomato salad, cilantro and dill, olive oil, cold pressed

Diet "Tomatoes for dinner"

Opting for this diet, you will have the evening to significantly cut caloric intake (it is due to this and active weight loss). Menu should be on their own, avoiding fatty, fried, sweet, smoked and salted products. You need to eat 4-5 times a day. Lunch and dinner include only tomatoes: fresh, baked, in tomato puree, thick juice or salad (add greens could and should be – it additionally clean the intestines). Average weight loss per day is 500-600 g.


due to the high content of oxalic acid tomato diet is contraindicated for problems such as:
• kidney Stones
• gallbladder Disease
• Arthritis
• Arthritis

the Sour taste of the fruit may lead to the deterioration of gastritis with high acidity of gastric juice in peptic ulcer disease. Don't forget that tomatoes belong to the category of foods that can cause allergies. For this reason, the full tomatoes menu is not encouraged during pregnancy and lactation.


Tomato diet for weight loss – the ideal summer and autumn diet. Because this meal plan has certain contraindications, before you go there, don't forget to consult with a specialist.