Honey diet for weight loss

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Briefly about the benefits of honey

depending on the species, honey contains from 100 to 455 compounds and substances. This can be attributed to digestible sugars and vitamins (in honey is almost entirely present In the group, as well as vitamins E, C, K). Don't forget about minerals (phosphorus, iron, calcium, magics, potassium – about 40 titles). In the honey in sufficient quantities are present of the amino acids (0,6-500 mg/100 g). This bee product has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes and boosts immunity. Phytosterols contained in it, rid the blood of harmful cholesterol.

Special instructions

During the honey diet is not desirable to enter into the diet of starchy foods. The thing is that in the case of combining with the starch staple diet lose their favor and getting rid of excess weight you can forget.

Honey is well absorbed in combination with milk or milk products. Also it makes sense to combine with non-starchy vegetables and fruits (in the priority of tomatoes, carrots, beets, bell peppers, apples). "Union" of honey and a loading dose of carotene present in these foods, significantly accelerates the process of breaking fatty tissue.

The effectiveness of honey diet

Diet, which is based on honey, just a week allows you to lose 3 to 10 kg of excess weight (the speed of getting rid of adipose tissue depends on the initial indicators of weight, but the calorie menu). Needless to say, active weight loss is possible only through regular physical activity.

There are two main options honey diet.

A low-calorie option honey diet

This option allows you to eat quite diverse. The exception are subject to sweets (except honey) fatty and fried foods, and rich pastry.

you Can eat vegetables, fruits, berries, bread from wheat flour, vegetable cereals (except semolina). Acceptable low-fat meat products, fish and seafood.

in the Evening, for a couple of hours before bedtime drink a glass of comfortably warm water with 1 tbsp of honey and a slice of lemon (or lemon juice). According to nutritionists, active body fat burning in this case is provided. Liquid diet, in addition to this drink, include unsweetened teas, natural juices, milk drinks and still water.

the Diet you can be totally independent, but the daily caloric content should not exceed 1200 kcal (calorie will help determine the tables and calorie calculators, recipes).

Sample menu

• Breakfast: muesli with skim milk or yogurt, and organic Apple juice
• Second Breakfast: a handful of steamed in boiling water dried fruit or fresh sour-sweet fruit (as a variant — a glass of berries)
• Lunch: vegetable soup without potatoes, a couple slices of whole-grain bread, a slice of tuna and a glass of freshly prepared orange juice
• Snack: Apple carrot salad with raisins and low-fat yogurt
• Dinner: salmon, cooked on the grill 150 g, a glass of tomato juice and a small serving of brown rice
• 2 hours before bedtime: honey drink

Two-week option honey diet

This option is honey diet is based on the following products:
• low-Fat milk and milk products
• Boiled vegetables (non-starchy) – they are recommended for lunch and evening meal, daily dose should not exceed 200 g
• Juices without sugar (preferably cooked by yourself) – up to 1 liter
• Citrus fruits
• Berries
• Honey – 1 tsp. before Breakfast lunch and dinner
• Unsweetened tea
• Sparkling water

Sample menu

• Before Breakfast: 1 teaspoon of natural honey
• Breakfast: 200 g low fat cottage cheese with berries and a small amount of natural yoghurt and a Cup of green tea with lemon
• Second Breakfast: grapefruit
• Before lunch: 1 tsp of natural honey
• Lunch: thick vegetable soup without potatoes, as well as natural vegetable or fruit juice
• afternoon Snack: orange or Cup of berries
• Before dinner: 1 teaspoon of natural honey
• Dinner: a serving of steamed vegetables, and grapefruit juice
• Before bed: low fat yogurt

Additional recommendations

to support and strengthen the effectiveness of the honey diet, should pay attention to the honey treatments – massage and body wraps with this product. These procedures remove excess intercellular moisture, destroy cellulite bumps, relieve congestion, improve the flow of blood and lymph.

For diet is suitable only for high-quality honey, but grade doesn't matter – same effect (in the case of diet for weight loss) and has buckwheat and floral, lime and honey. If you do not wish to be mistaken with a choice, buy a honeycomb.

it is Worth remembering that honey is destroyed at high temperatures – it should not be dissolved in too hot water (optimum temperature: 40°C).

Honey diet for weight loss suitable only for those who have no Allergy to bee products. Be attentive to your health!