Carrot diet

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Briefly about the benefits of carrots

Nutritional value of carrots is small because of 33.1 kcal/100 g In carrots has a large number of vitamins (A, PP, C, E, H, K, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9). This valuable vegetable crop and rich in minerals (it is necessary to highlight the iron, calcium, iodine, potassium, phosphorus and fluorine). A large number of insoluble and soluble dietary fiber speaks in favor of a delicious root vegetable – carrot diet is perfectly cleanses the intestines. The content of carotene carrot is superior to many other vegetables.

Interestingly, in boiled carrots is 34% more antioxidants than fresh product. Carrot strengthens the immune system, purifies the blood, normalizes carbohydrate metabolism, at the intracellular level activates the redox processes. Enriched with carrot ration useful in the catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, eye disorders, kidney disease and obesity.

Need to know

it has long been proven that carrots for weight loss is consumed together with fats, in this case fat-soluble vitamins are fully absorbed by the body. During the diet of butter will have to forget, but the spoon of vegetable oil or small amount of fermented milk product will save the situation. Some prefer to use yogurt, sour cream or yogurt along with the carrot, but before the result in this case is no different.

Three-day Apple diet

This diet severely restricts not only caloric intake but also the variety of products. Throughout this time expected to include in menu:
• Salad from fresh or boiled carrots, seasoned with sour cream
• Carrot juice – 750 ml per day
• Water
• Natural honey – a small amount of this product can introduce into the diet only when there is a strong weakness

The four-day carrot and honey diet

For three days worth to eat carrot salad. For its preparation we need 1 kg of carrots, lemon juice (to taste) and natural honey – 1 tbsp

the Carrot is better than rubbing immediately before use, in contrast, the sauce can be prepared in advance (you need to mix a small amount of olive oil, honey and lemon juice). Throughout the day, try to eat 3-4 times, adding to one of the meals any fruit (it can be eaten instead of a snack). On the fourth day diet menu it is recommended to enrich a couple of boiled potatoes, a serving of boiled meat lean varieties (80-100 g) and a slice of black bread.

In the period of the diet should be abundant drinking regime. Welcome sparkling water and unsweetened teas. Repeat this carrot diet is allowed after a month. Any of the portions of salad with a clear conscience to replace the carrot or carrot-Apple juice (home-made, not packaged).


the Carrot is quite heavy on the stomach product. Carrot diet is contraindicated in inflammation of the small intestine and ulcers of the stomach and duodenum. A lot of carrots often provokes changes in skin tone (especially on the palms and soles). Yellowish-orange tint suggests that the body can't metabolize beta-carotene to retinol (true vitamin a).

The correct completion of the diet

Because after the diet, based on sharp cuts in caloric intake, extremely difficult to keep the obtained results, it is recommended to observe some restrictions. Throughout the week, do not eat fatty, sweet and fried foods. Subject to the exception of alcoholic beverages and any products, stimulating an increased secretion of gastric juice (and therefore – increases the appetite). Hunger can kill, eating raw vegetables, unsweetened fruit, low-fat dairy drinks.


Any of the options of carrot diet for the day takes 0.5-1 kg of excess weight. To enhance the efficacy of this method should pay attention to gentle exercise. Not superfluous massages.

A small trick

If you sit on any diet, and the lack of sweets completely unsettling, treat yourself to a carrot candy. They knock on edge, but at the same time and contribute to cleansing the bowel.

Recipe of carrot sweets

On a fine grater grate the carrots, add a small amount of crushed walnuts and ground dried apricots. Mass sweeten reasonable amount of honey or maple syrup and form into small balls. At the end of the candy roll in coconut flakes.

Carrot diet for weight loss neither in summer nor in winter does not lose its relevance. Valuable root is not deprived of its use even during prolonged storage.