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The story of the diet Tatiana Malakhova

At the age of six Tatiana became ill with tuberculosis, but the grandmother came out of her, making sure that girl got her medications and fattening homemade food. As a result, the heroine of our article much better. To 10 years sore throat has given complication on heart. The doctors strongly recommended the girl to quickly lose weight and prescribed a strict diet. Weight decreased and remained at normal levels until the birth of the child after this point the figure again, "broke".

To return the form to our heroine used different ways: she tried the effect of Herbalife, sat on diets and exhausting physical exercises. Each failure forced Tatiana to do work on the bugs – she tried to fix them and fixed success.

Protasova, separate meals, not eating in the evenings – after all this was our heroine. With an effort of will she refused from sweets, cakes and other harmful products. As a result of all the efforts she managed to lose about 10 kg.


Tatiana Malakhova made the following conclusions:
• to lose weight, you need to determine their desires and to deliver a clearly defined purpose (it is important to establish the optimum level of weight).
• do Not look for excuses for our failings: believing that to lose weight you do not give genes you will never be able to lose weight.
• Choosing a diet, do not depart from its recommendations, otherwise you will again complain about the lack of results.
• be Sure to keep active motor mode. Ideally, join a gym (by the way, our heroine has done it in 50 years). Do not think that the audience will immediately allow you to improve the figure and will "burn" all the calories eaten. This error leads many to forget about the necessity of careful control of the energy value of the diet.
• do Not get carried away by means of losing weight. On a subconscious level, you shift responsibility for the burning of body fat by "magic" drugs so will allow yourself some freedom in food.

The principle of the diet Friendship

Tatiana Malakhova education heat. She decided to tie together the working principle of the human body and the reactions that occur during combustion of the fuel. Her diet helps to burn energy, derived from food, not allowing the body to store even a small bit.

Diet diet Tatiana Malakhova

Proposed by Tatiana meal plan allows you to combine in the same meal fruits and low fat dairy products (you cannot eat foods high in carbohydrates and fat is almost guaranteed to lead to weight gain). Soy products, according to Malakhov, absolutely do not combine with products of animal origin.

Immediately after waking (and also before each meal) Luke encourages his followers to drink a glass of warm water (only supposed to drink a liter of water).

to avoid overeating, you have to chew each piece of food. Very useful for the organism fractional diet – ideally you should eat 4-5 times a day. Last meal should be finished 3 hours before a night's rest.

If you are not accustomed to Breakfast, change their views on this question. In the diet Tatiana Malakhov this meal necessarily present.

Shortly before the main meals Tatiana offers to eat light salad – this simple technique allows to significantly reduce caloric food intake.

To the category of harmful products Malakhov related:
• salt
• Any sweets
• white rice
• Potato and corn
• Bread
• All refined products and products subjected to deep processing.
• Ketchup
• Mayonnaise
• Condiments
• Alcoholic beverages
• Products fried in oil

Malakoff proposes to exclude these products immediately, but gradually, be sure to replace them with useful analogues (instead of salt you can use dry herbs and soy sauce instead of sweets – dried fruits, etc.).

To the category of useful for body products Malakhov related:
• Fruits, vegetables, dried fruits
• low-fat dairy products
• low fat cheese
• Seafood
• Whole grains
• Legumes
• Seeds and nuts
• Greens

To enhance the taste of foods Tatiana recommends the use of natural seasonings: pepper, lemon juice, herbs, garlic. If you really want sweet, you can treat yourself to a slice of bitter chocolate.

Sample menu diet Tatiana Malakhova

• Breakfast: lean oatmeal and low-fat cottage cheese
• Second Breakfast: any fruit
• Dinner: lean boiled meat varieties, vegetable soup with herbs and leafy vegetables
• Dinner: fish and vegetables, steamed

Appeared in the program Andrei Malakhov "Let them talk", Tatiana won the audience his views on the problem of excess weight. Perhaps a recommendation of this woman will be useful to you. Use diet friendship Tatiana Malakhova to lose weight.


"Let them talk" with Andrey Malakhov on this method of weight loss