Diet "5 tablespoons"

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General information on diet

Many people, trying to lose weight, eliminate from the diet fats or carbohydrates, but they forget to control the size of portions. In obese people, the stomach initially stretches, so you can eat small amount of food they fail. Even with a healthy diet, they eat more than necessary, and therefore lose weight. Diet 5 tablespoons fully complies with the rules of dietetics. Experts suggest to reconsider your attitude to food. They argue that to get up from the table you need before you feel saturated. Unfortunately, to keep track of the thin line between hunger and saturation is almost impossible. Based on this, nutritionists have proposed to limit the size of a single portion of food to 5 tbsp., but to increase the frequency of meals to 5 times a day. This will allow you to experience persistent hunger (the level of sugar in blood will not change dramatically, and therefore, active insulin spike and "brutal" hunger can not be afraid). Do not worry that increasing the number of meals will lead to weight increase. On the contrary, during the week you can throw a big enough excess weight (3-5 kg). When severe degrees of obesity for a month will be able to lose 15 pounds.

Diet rules

the Diet is called 5 tablespoons is based on a number of important rules. Wanting to correct your figure, try exactly to observe them. As the name suggests the diet, the size of a single portion of food is 5 tbsp Worth considering that not all products are able to measure out the spoons – it is unlikely you will be to grate or chop in a different way absolutely all solid foods. In this case, you will have to focus on portion weight – it must not exceed 200g (can be less, more, no). Weight and portion size as it is easy to see, depend on the selected products (for example, porridge heavier, leafy vegetables, and so the same amount of food has a different weight). And does not make sense to eat 5 tablespoons or 200 grams of one product only – it is recommended to combine different foods (e.g., eat 2 tbsp cereal with 3 tbsp. of salad). The next important rule is that the interval between meals should not exceed 3 hours. The range of products needs to be varied should not try to eliminate carbohydrates or fats (mandatory balance). Will have to give up only from overtly harmful products (smoked meats, fast food) and sugar (during the diet, drink unsweetened drinks). It is also desirable to severely restrict the consumption of salt – it contributes to the accumulation of fluid in the body, which is totally undesirable. Not to stretch the stomach wall, and in order not to disturb the process of digestion, it is recommended to drink not sooner than an hour after a meal.

Sample menu

Morning: 3 tbsp cottage cheese, 2 tbsp. of fruit
in an hour: tea
the Second Breakfast: 5 tbsp fruit salad
Lunch: 3 tbsp of buckwheat, 2 tbsp meat souffle
Dinner: 5 tablespoons vegetable salad
Dinner: porridge and fish (5 tbsp)
Before you sleep: drink milk (5 tbsp)


Diet is suitable for almost everyone, but still does not hurt to be examined by a doctor. You should not resort to it during pregnancy and lactation, as well as weakened immunity (such as it is necessary to increase the flow of useful elements).


Diet 5 tablespoons is a popular method of weight loss. It impresses by the fact that to calculate the number of calories and every time to use the kitchen scales is not necessary to measure food with spoons much easier. Judging by the reviews, in the process of losing weight hunger practically does not appear, and you will lose weight steadily and quickly. After the diet habit to eat little remains that allows to save the result.