No carb diet

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A brief insight into the world of carbohydrates

Before moving on carbohydrate-free diet for weight loss, let's try to understand how it is safe.

Carbohydrates are a class differ in their properties of organic compounds. They perform in our body's diverse functions and are a permanent part of the tissues and cells of living organisms. Carbohydrates provide us with energy for maintaining all life processes. They are necessary for the nutrition of the brain, and in addition are building blocks for enzymes, amino acids, immunoglobulins and nucleic acids.

the Formation of this element contributes to the process of photosynthesis – the basis of life of plant organisms. For us the main sources of carbohydrates are potatoes, bread, cereals, pasta, sweets. Net carbohydrate is a sugar.

Carbohydrates are divided into two groups: simple and complex. Simple carbohydrates are found in sweet fruits, some vegetables, dairy products, etc. Complex carbohydrates are accumulated by plants in the form of cellulose which is not digested by the body, but it makes a significant contribution to the proper functioning of the digestive system and also cleanse the body of harmful accumulations (in particular, it takes cholesterol).

the Main reason for dislike of the carbs is one feature – all unused by the body, the excess are deposited on our sides in the form of fat, and the more we are addicted to starchy foods, so this layer becomes thicker.

The principle of operation

wheat-free diet eliminates from the diet the main "fuel" so the body is forced to utilize fat stores. During the diet to indulge in protein foods and fats there is no need – the weight goes steadily and without counting calories. A couple of weeks of no carb food plan you can lose about 8-10 kg.

Key recommendations

Present in the first part of the article information has given you to understand – to completely abandon the carbohydrates is possible only in case, if the switch of water (in some extent this element contains everywhere). Besides, there are hidden sugars in many foods (including sausages pertaining to protein-rich foods). A complete rejection of carbohydrates is extremely unreasonable, so diet only significantly cut their consumption (maximum daily rate of the item shall not exceed 40 g). Be diet have, focusing on the table of contents of carbohydrates (to determine "by eye" is not necessary – the desired effect will not be achieved).

Important tips

during the first weeks is recommended to reduce the intake of carbohydrates (the estimated figure is 20 g per day). This will force the body to more actively metabolize its own fat reserves.

the Optimal duration of no carb diet 2 weeks. Then you should take a break, giving the body a new supply of glycogen. During this period, you can eat starchy foods, but the fats have to be tightly controlled. As for the diet, and after it you need to drink water (minimum amount of free liquid: 1.2 l).

Under the ban are the following products:
• Bread and pasta
• Any starchy vegetables and sweet fruits
• Any cereals
• Any sweets (including honey)
• Beer and alcoholic beverages
• Nuts and seeds

it is Worth remembering that this diet often leads to constipation – to avoid this, drink laxative teas (of course without sugar), or take appropriate drugs.

Sample menu no carb diet

• Breakfast: eggs (boiled, fried, in omelets) – 2-3 PCs, slice of cheese or bacon, and unsweetened tea
• Second Breakfast: cottage cheese with sour cream (without sugar, fruit and other additives)
• Lunch: meat broth and a piece of boiled meat.
• afternoon Snack: yogurt of any fat content, or yogurt
• Dinner: meat or fish in any form and a small amount of non-starchy vegetables

Cons diet

unfortunately, even those who do not like sweets, to the end of the first week begin to experience discomfort both on a physical and on a psychological level. Many people develop symptoms such as dizziness, depression, headache, lack of concentration (lack of carbohydrates in the first place affects the brain).


Watermelon diet for weight loss is a serious stress to the body, and therefore requires the consent of a doctor. It is not suitable for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular system. Abandon starchy foods you can not during pregnancy and lactation.

In General, carbohydrate-free diet – a very best option of getting rid of excess weight. It allows you to lose weight without painful feelings of hunger. By choosing this method of weight loss, do not forget about its potential dangers for the body.