Diet number 1

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Diet 1 belongs to the group of medical tables. It is prescribed in some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The main recommendations of the diet the subject of our article.

Indications for diet 1

Table number 1 to follow when such problems as:
• gastric Ulcer and duodenal ulcer in remission (post acute)
• Mild exacerbation of ulcers stomach and duodenal ulcers
• Acute gastritis in remission
• Unsharp exacerbation of chronic gastritis (with preserved or increased secretion of gastric juice)

a Diet without mechanical magania appoint at the final stage of treatment of acute YAB (peptic ulcer disease) and sluggish during this disease. In other cases, food wipe.

the Exception to be food, drinks and products, stimulating the secretion of digestive juices. Food is boiled or steamed (in some cases it is baked after boiling, but without the crust). In most cases, meals are served in a shabby (fish and slender meat, in agreement with the doctor, prepare a piece).

The purpose of the diet

Diet 1, with complete balanced nutrition, provides moderate chemical mechanical, thermal sparing of the gastrointestinal tract. Diet reduces inflammation, accelerates tissue regeneration, normalizes secretory and motor functions of the stomach.

The chemical composition of diet 1

the chemical composition of the ration is divided as follows:
• Proteins – 100 g (including animal proteins – 60 g)
• Carbohydrates – 400 g
• Fat – 100 g (including vegetable fats – 30 g)

Optimum calorific value is 3000 kcal (women can reduce this figure to 2800 kcal).

the Maximum number of salt — 12 grams per day. Free fluid is supposed to drink about half liters. You need to eat 5-6 times a day (servings should be small). Before bed it is allowed to drink a glass of warm milk.

Diet for diet 1

the patient shows the following range of dishes:
• Soups of pureed vegetables for potato (carrot) the broth
• Milk soups, cereals or dairy soups with vegetables
• Meat puree from pre-cooked chicken (you can also use meat with no veins)
• Wheat bread yesterday's baking
• Dry biscuits
• App cookies
• not Well baked buns and baked pies with Apple, meat or cheese filling – no more than twice a week
• Lean meats and poultry (without skin and tendons)
• Lean fish without the skin (in the form of a cutlet mass, piece)
• Dairy products (milk, sour yogurt, acidophilus milk, fresh cheese in a shabby, sour, sour sour cream, grated mild cheese)
• Eggs, boiled soft-boiled – 2-3 units a day (allowed steam scrambled eggs)
• Semolina, rice, buckwheat, oat porridge, cooked in water or milk, pureed or poloveckie (allowed and meals based on them – puddings, soufflés, casseroles, chicken, burgers)
• Boiled, steamed and pureed vegetables
• Finely chopped dill (as a condiment)
• Salad of boiled food (vegetables, fish, meat)
• Boiled tongue and homemade liver pate
• Diet of sausage (dairy, doctoral)
• low-fat and Unsalted ham
• sturgeon Caviar
• Soaked herring
• Berries and fruit sweet varieties, as well as dishes nor their base
• Sweets: meringue, milk pudding, butter cream, sugar, natural honey, sweet jam, candy and marshmallows
• Milk and fruit, fruit, milk and sauces
• Vanilla and cinnamon – limited
• Weakly brewed tea, cocoa, coffee (with milk, cream)
• Juices made from sweet fruits and berries
• Weak broth hips
• Unsalted butter or ghee of the highest grade
• Refined vegetable oil

the Exception are:
• Refractory and confectionery fats
• Carbonated beverages
• Brew
• strong brewed coffee
• Meat, mushroom, fish, tomato sauces
• Meat, mushroom, fish broth
• Pepper, mustard, horseradish
• Sour and unripe, and fiber-rich berries and fruits
• Chocolate
• Ice cream
• Vegetables such as cabbage, turnips, rutabaga, sorrel, radish, spinach, cucumbers and onions
• Pickled, salted, marinated vegetables
• Mushrooms
• Any canned food
• Sharp and salty snacks
• Smoked
• Small, and also barley, barley, corn cereals
• Legumes
• Whole pasta
• hard-Boiled or fried eggs
• Expressed acidic dairy products
• Sharp and salty cheeses
• Rye and fresh bread
• Pastries and puff pastry
• Fatty and sinewy-grade poultry and meat
• Fatty and salted fish

Sample menu (pureed meals)

• the First Breakfast: egg, soft-boiled serving of dairy mashed rice porridge and weak tea with milk
• lunch: Apple, baked with sugar
• Lunch: pureed oatmeal milk soup, steam meatballs, carrot puree, sweet fruit mousse
• Snack: wheat crackers with broth hips
• Dinner: boiled fish (you can bake it under a milk sauce), mashed potatoes and weakly brewed tea with milk
• For the night: warm milk

Sample menu (not pureed foods)

• the First Breakfast: chicken egg, soft-boiled, crumbly porridge (such as buckwheat), weakly brewed tea with milk
• Second Breakfast: fresh sour cheese and broth hips
• Lunch: vegetarian soup, boiled meat (it can be baked with sauce), boiled carrots and stewed fruit
• Snack: wheat crackers and sweetened decoction of wheat bran
• Dinner: boiled fish (it can bake under milk sauce), carrot-Apple strudel and a weakly brewed tea with milk
• overnight: warm milk

Diet 1 (table 1) protects the digestive tract from any stimuli, therefore, contributes to a significant improvement of the patients ' health.