Diet in cholelithiasis

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What is gallstone disease?

in this disease in the bile ducts and the gallbladder the stones are formed. The main role in this process is the cholesterol and salt. The formation of stones in some cases, contribute to infection and stagnation of bile (as a variant — the change of chemical composition).

Main features

the Main function of this diet is the regulation of cholesterol metabolism. To ensure this is possible by reducing energy intakes by cutting the share of fats and simple carbohydrates. Mandatory also avoiding foods rich in cholesterol (this category may include egg yolks, liver, fatty meats and fish, refractory fats, lard, etc.).

For cooking is possible to use only gentle heat treatment: patient is recommended to use steam, baked or steamed dishes.

Scientists believe that magnesium can significantly speed up the excretion of cholesterol from the blood. This means that patients in the diet should be present foods rich in this element (this is the apricot, oatmeal and buckwheat etc.).

To cholesterol remains in solution should increase the level of alkali in the bile. This helps products of plant origin, lecithin, mineral alkaline water (Polyana Kvasova, Borjomi, Luzhanska).

The chemical composition of the diet in cholelithiasis

the Chemical composition is as follows:
• Carbohydrates – 450-500 g
• Proteins — 100 g
• Fats — 70 g

Caloric intake: 3000-3200 kcal.

the Amount of salt is limited to about 8-10 g. Shows abundant water (2 liters or more). Patients are encouraged to eat 6 times a day.

Diet diet in cholelithiasis

• Bread white or gray yesterday's baking
• Diet soups (cereals, milk, fruit)
• Meat and fish vegetable varieties of boiled or baked
• Soaked herring
• Vegetables, melons and herbs in any form (vegetables not fry) – the priority carrots, watermelon, pumpkin, melon
• Fruits (except sour varieties)
• Sweets – marmalade, pastille, jam and honey
• Pasta
• Cereals (buckwheat, oats, rice and semolina)
• Milk, low-fat sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt and cheese
• Fats (sunflower, olive, butter)
• Weakly brewed tea (the drink, you can add milk)

A serious restriction shall be

• Pickles and smoked
• Legumes
• Meat, fish and mushroom broth
• Sauces
• Sausage
• Animal fats
• Any fried foods
• All cold food and drinks
• Spinach and sorrel
• Kidney and liver
• Spices and herbs
• Fatty fish, meat and poultry
• Sausages
• Cakes and cream cakes
• Butter cakes
• Cocoa, coffee and chocolate
• Egg yolk

This product is poorly digested – they can provoke a serious aggravation of the disease. The diet recommended to stick to a few years. In this case there is the restoration of disturbed liver function, normal bile secretion, prevent the formation of stones.

Sample menu gallstone disease

• Breakfast: salad, dressed with sour cream, weakly brewed tea with milk, bread with butter, and soaked herring (20 g)
• lunch: lean meat boiled, a portion of crumbly buckwheat porridge and juice
• Lunch: vegetable soup with sour cream, a piece of boiled fish with mashed potatoes, boiled carrots and stewed sweet fruit
• Snack: yogurt
• Dinner: casserole with macaroni and cheese, steam cabbage meatballs and stewed sweet fruits and berries
• Before bedtime (no later than 22.00): the jelly from the sweet fruits and berries

Modern research

After analyzing the food preferences of more than 45,000 men, researchers found: the Mediterranean diet, which is based on seafood, fish, nuts and vegetable oil are able to minimize the risk of developing the disease in men. Unfortunately, studies have not yet been able to prove the effectiveness of this diet for the female contingent. The fact that a woman's body produces special hormones – they increase the risk of developing cholelithiasis (8-10 times).

Diet with gallstones making a rather serious limitation, however, to ignore the strict requirements are not necessary in any case – any violation of the diet may result in unpleasant consequences.