Diet for the lazy

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The main recommendations of the diet for the lazy

This diet is based on a special water regime. Throughout it 20 minutes before any meal you should drink 1-2 glasses of pure non-carbonated water. After eating any food should give up drinking for 2 hours. After this time, allowed to drink a Cup of your favorite drink – it can be tea or other non-carbonated beverage (coffee, juice, yogurt, etc.). To use something in the food in combination with the liquid is strictly prohibited.

If you wish, during the day you can organize a snack, all following the same rule of the diet for the lazy: 20 minutes before a meal with pure water, and after 2 hours after a meal – the beverage. If the menu is snack is an enviable modesty, before meals enough to drink 250 ml of water.


This original eating plan works wonders – at the great excess weight for a few weeks, could lose about 8-12 kg (if the weight is not much "off scale", the losses decrease to 4-5 kg).

The principle of operation

This technique is based on the action of the water – it fills the stomach and does not cause hunger. Caloric intake is markedly reduced because of this.

Another important point – the water, according to scientists, accelerates the metabolic processes in the body, thus it prevents the formation of fat.

the Bracer relieves thirst, so during this diet virtually eliminates the desire to treat yourself with sugary and carbonated drinks (they are known to provoke the formation of excess fat).

Abundant drinking regime, as seen, increases work capacity. This means that during the diet, spend more calories than comes from food – this is the Golden rule of getting rid of excess weight.

Contraindications to the diet for the lazy

This method of weight loss is not suitable for people suffering from kidney disease and the cardiovascular system. Even with excellent health before the diet will not hurt to know the opinion of the doctor (believed to dramatically increase the fraction of water in the diet – the body can respond by edema).


If you are not used to a rich drink, use the above method of weight loss very carefully. In the first stage will carry out training, gradually increasing the proportion of water in your diet. Good luck!