Striped kefir diet

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Striving for the ideal of harmony, the women tested for yourself the effectiveness of many different diets. And more and more fans gets a striped kefir diet, providing a minimum of restrictions.

a diet with this diet is built in the form of alternating unloading "kefir" days with the days of conventional food. Depending on the results that must be achieved, the duration of the diet and allowed to set free days, products may vary. It would be better if before the diet you consult with a specialist, as any sudden change in diet can have a negative impact on the body.

Striped kefir diet days with regular food

the Main number wanting to lose weight it is this combination seems most attractive, since in this case we can not give up their eating habits for a long time. In principle, the effectiveness of this diet is quite high, that is, it allows you to lose weight quickly, but with one caveat. If your normal diet contains excess carbohydrates and fats, the body will soon learn to make stocks of these substances to experience less stress during the kefir of the day. As a result, your weight will constantly fluctuate in different directions, which is not good for the body. Besides, not necessarily you will lose weight in the fasting day faster than to get better on ordinary days. To protect yourself from such "pendulum", experts recommend a more stringent version of the diet day a healthy diet.

Striped kefir diet days healthy food

of Course, due to more stringent restrictions, this option is less widespread, but it allows you to fully experience the effectiveness of the diet. So, while the diet of kefir a day is standard, but in the intermediate days will have to choose a low-calorie diet.

First of all, you need to ensure that your diet has become more healthy: it is necessary to exclude fried, fatty and sweet foods, replacing them with cheese, fish, lean meat, fruits and vegetables that provide the body with a complete set of nutrients and the amount will not exceed 1500 calories a day. Adhering to this rule, you will force your body to burn fat stores not only in yogurt but also on ordinary days, and so much quicker to achieve your goals.

Choosing a striped kefir diet, however, like any other, should be aware of proper logoff, and about the need for healthy food in the future. It is not recommended to overeat or to abruptly return to a high-calorie diet immediately after the last fasting day, as the body being under stress from limited power will begin to rapidly replenish lost fat reserves. And then you won't enjoy the results of their labor immediately return to the starting point.