A colorful diet

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The essence of colored diet

the Essence of this meal plan is rather simple: every day you're supposed to eat foods of a specific color. According to reviews, just a month of this diet is able to get rid of 5-7 kg of excess weight. Best of all is that the color menu allows you to lose weight without feeling hungry – the restriction on the weight of the portions to be imposed, and the range of products you can pick up for yourself. Calorie count is also no special needs.

Important tips

Practice shows that the color of the tableware is also important. If possible, you should pick plates similar in color "theme of the day".

but of this diet does not impose, it still doesn't give a lot of concessions. It is extremely important to avoid overeating, and eating refined foods, sweets and alcohol. Not welcome foods rich in artificial additives. Stimulates the process of weight loss physical activity. You can engage in at the gym, in the pool or at home. If time is running out, it makes sense to abandon the lift and exit the vehicle before the desired stop – it will increase motor activity.

The mechanism of the effects of color diet

Scientists say that the pigment substances present in the products have on the body some impact. Alternating colors, it is possible to start the mechanism of weight loss.

Menu color diet for a week:

• White Monday

This day is entirely devoted to the white color, which gives energy and "cool". Supposed to eat bananas, potatoes, rice, dairy products (including white cheese), egg protein, coconut, cabbage (white or colored). It is worth remembering that "white" foods often contain large amounts of carbohydrates, so you need to abide by reasonable limitations.

• Red Tuesday

the Red color accelerates blood circulation and gives tone to the muscles. The body in this day spends calories. You can use capers, red wine, red beans, ripe red tomatoes, cherries, red currants, red pepper, cranberries, beets, red grapes and other red vegetables, fruits and berries. The menu of this day enriches the body with flavonoids — powerful antioxidants that actively fight free radicals.

• Green environment

the color Green soothes and relaxes effectively. Supposed to eat leafy vegetables, green grasses, rhubarb, kiwifruit, green tea, cucumber, broccoli, sea, and Brussels sprouts. Green diet rich in chlorophyll and magnesium – this composition strengthens the nervous system and supports hormonal balance.

• "Orange" Thursday.

Orange diet improves mood and protects against colds. On this day, you can include in your diet carrots, papaya, mango, salmon, pumpkin, sea buckthorn and other products orange. This menu contains carotenoids that possess pronounced antitumoral properties (incidentally, the carotenoids inhibit the aging process).

• Purple Friday

the color Purple lulls (the main thing – to stay awake at work). Supposed to eat dark grapes, eggplant, black currants, tarragon, and purple.

• Yellow Saturday

Yellow color improves mood and distracts you from thinking about food. You can eat pineapples, apricots, yellow pepper, zucchini, corn, yellow apples, yellow cheese, turmeric, mustard, egg yolk. Yellow diet full of antioxidants, therefore able to protect our body from free radicals.

• Water Sunday.

the Last day color diet slimming is traditionally dedicated to water unloading during the day nothing can be eaten, in contrast, the liquid diet should be abundant.

a colorful diet – the next trendy "trick" or effective method of weight loss? To give a precise answer is difficult. One thing is clear – wanting to lose weight, still you have to limit the size of servings. Otherwise, success is highly questionable (there are enough calories colored products).