Diet for pancreatic disease

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Treatment of diseases of the pancreas

Treatment of pancreatic diseases requires a comprehensive approach. Therapy aimed at reduction of pain syndrome, decrease in production of enzymes and reconstruction of metabolic processes. In acute pancreatitis the first few days, patients must stay in bed. Along with this they are assigned the fasting (2-3 days). This period shows a liquid diet, which includes non-carbonated mineral water at room temperature (1-1.5 l) and a decoction of rose hips (500 ml). After that, patients can go on an extended diet (they are shown a therapeutic table No. 5P).

Diet for inflammation of the pancreas

Presented below is the most gentle diet belongs to the category of low-calorie nutrition plans. Diet contains physiological norm of protein, and to refractory fat and carbohydrate imposed harsh restrictions.

the Exception are foods that trigger flatulence, as well as containing a large percentage of roughage and extractives (the latter stimulates the secretion).

the patient shows a liquid or semi-liquid foods (foods can be boiled, steamed). During the day it is recommended to arrange 5-6 meals.

the chemical composition of the ration is divided as follows:
• Fats – 40-60 g
• Proteins – 80 g
• Carbohydrates – 200 g

the Daily energy value of the diet of 1600 kcal. The optimal amount of fluid – 1.5-2 liters, the rate of salt – 8-10 g.

the Diet diet in diseases of the pancreas include:
• White crackers (not more than 50 g per day)
• Mucous soups from all cereals, except for millet (you can use vegetable broth as the base)
• Soup of pre-digested meat
• Meals from lean meats and poultry (without the fat and tendons): souffle, quenelles, steam cutlets
• Meals are low-fat varieties of fish
• Meals from chicken eggs (they can be prepared in the form of a light steam omelettes or to boil a soft-boiled) – 1-2 PCs / day
• Meals of milk (in its pure form it is not used)
• Freshly prepared cream cheese in mashed form (useful also steam puddings)
• Unsalted butter (only as an additive in ready meals)
• vegetable Dishes — in the form of steam puddings and mashed potatoes
• Baked apples (except Antonovka)
• Sweet food: compotes, mousses on the xylitol, jelly, jelly
• Weak tea
• Mineral water
• a Decoction of rose hips

fall Under the ban:
• Meat, mushroom, fish and vegetable broths are strong
• Bold variety of poultry, meat, fish
• Fried foods
• cabbage, turnips, onions, radishes, turnips, radish, lettuce, sorrel, spinach,
• Smoked meats, sausages, canned food
• Butter and cooked flour
• Rye bread
• Ice cream
• Any alcoholic drinks
• Spices and herbs

the Diet for 5-7 days.

Diet in diseases of the pancreas in a period of remission

the transfer of disease remission diet varies somewhat. Patients are advised to increase the intake of protein (optimal norm is 110-120 g). This will neutralize the deficit of this element and eliminates the clinical manifestations of the disease.

the Optimal amount of carbohydrate is 300-350 g, fat — 80 g. the Products can be boiled, baked or steamed (food is served in mashed form). Nutritional diet should remain fractional (5-6 times a day). Caloric intake is increased to 2500-2800 kcal. The rate of fluid: 1.5-2 liters, the amount of salt: 8-10 g.

the Diet remains almost the same, except for some moments. In the period of remission allowed to eat meat with a piece of (well boiled, soft, without tendons and fat). In the menu you can enter wheat bread yesterday's baking, and refined vegetable oils (10-15 g). In addition to baked apples, it is acceptable to eat and fresh fruit (peeled and mashed form). Also allowed sauces (dairy, vegetable) and fruit and berry gravy. This diet can be followed for a long period.

Sample menu diet in acute

• the First Breakfast protein steam omelet, provasca buckwheat and poorly brewed tea
• lunch: weakly brewed tea and baked Apple
• Lunch: slimy cereal soup, fish souffle and cherry jelly in the xylitol
• Snack: pureed meat and broth hips
• Dinner: soufflé of boiled lean meat and steam the carrot souffle and weakly brewed tea
• Before sleep: a decoction of rose hips

all day: sugar – 15 g, bread crumbs – 50 g

Sample menu diet in remission

• the First Breakfast steam meat patties and mashed rice porridge with milk
• lunch: soufflé of fresh cheese and a weakly brewed tea with milk
• Lunch: potato soup, grilled fish and pureed compote of fresh fruit (without added sugar)
• Snack: scrambled eggs steam, and a decoction of rose hips
• Dinner: roll of boiled meat, pudding from skim fresh cream and compote of black currant
• Before sleep: sour yogurt

all day: white bread (stale) – 200 g sugar – 30 g

Diet in diseases of the pancreas must be followed – any violation may lead to a significant worsening of condition.