How thin Katya Kolesnichenko?

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Katya Kolesnichenko came to the project "Dom-2", along with his twin sister. Happened this momentous event in 2010. The ward sisters did not go unnoticed. "The first violin" in their duet has always been considered Julia is that she attracted the attention of men, built relationships and generated ideas – Kate always remained in the shadows. However, she sparked an active public interest in his person, when sharply diminished in weight. How thin Katya Kolesnichenko? This question interests many, but we will try to reveal to you the secret of what happened with Kate metamorphoses.

Daily diet Katya Kolesnichenko

Katya is a fairly petite girl, though "skinny" it will not name – with a growth of 156 cm and she weighs 54 kg. Kate makes no secret of their daily menu. Not even a first glance it does not seem so reasonable, and any nutritionist will crush this power plan in tatters. It is easy to see that a large break between Breakfast and my so-called lunch is simply unacceptable. This approach provokes a marked increase in appetite that may lead to overeating and to the formation of excess weight (fruit and juice are unlikely to fully saturate – they are only slightly suppress hunger, which after 30-40 minutes still comes into its own).

Menu Katya Kolesnichenko

• Breakfast: low-fat cheese, dressed with sour cream and sugar or condensed milk (optional – oatmeal, brewed with boiling water and mixed with pieces of fruit).
• Second Breakfast: coffee with milk and sugar (or a slice of chocolate).
• Lunch (often Kolesnichenko manages to eat about six in the evening): first or second dish (Catherine does not mix them in one meal). At first our heroine prefers to eat soups. As second courses are usually lean meats (beef, chicken), boiled, as well as buckwheat porridge or vegetables.
• Snacks throughout the day: fruits and natural juices (with a strong sense of hunger – soup).
• Liquid diet includes water and green tea without sugar.

After 18.00 the girl prefers not to eat, although sometimes allows himself to relax, eating a slice of chocolate.

Stress and diet

Being in a state of stress, Kolesnichenko completely refuses to eat – she recalls that it would not hurt to eat only when catches the eye of a Cup of coffee or chocolate. This state lasts no longer than two days. After that, according to Catherine, comes the turn of compensation – the body requires a compensation that often leads to overeating and the emergence of a certain excess weight.

The "secret" method of weight loss

Despite not being too reasonable diet, Kolesnichenko is in good shape, but recently the girl even managed to intrigue their fans, by strangulation sharply in weight. What was the reason of such metamorphosis? Oddly enough, but she stubbornly remained silent in response to numerous questions. Judging by the rumors, our heroine is a little changed my attitude to sweets and still excluded favorite chocolate from their diet. In addition, it became harder to control your appetite after 18.00 – now any snacks after this milestone for Katie invalid.

Technology of weight loss

In fact, this approach really can significantly adjust the shape. And although disputes around the turn, coming at 18.00, continue to be carried out, there is no denying interesting fact: people who refuse to eat after six in the evening, slowly but surely lower the weight, losing during the week 1-2 lbs. however it Should be noted that this method of weight loss is not for everyone. For example, "owl", leading an active lifestyle late, are unlikely to limit themselves in food after 18.00 the dinner and night rest at least 7-8 hours, and it is very long.

In General, the secret to losing weight is very simple – after 18.00 in most people minimized the cost of energy (therefore, late dinner is highly undesirable). Eating same portion of food put before this time, you can count on the fact that excess calories are not will settle a reserve, besides there to be a shortage of "energy level". Deciding to follow the example of Katya Kolesnichenko don't forget that this system of feeding involves Breakfast.

Katya Kolesnichenko lost weight? Reliable answer knows only the heroine of our article, we can only speculate, focusing on the numerous rumors and gossip.