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There is a special "clan" diets, designed for a week and allows you to quickly reset 3-5 kg of excess weight. In our article diet Week presented in several variants.

Diet number 1

Monday eat cooked meat (5 servings of 100 grams), drink water and unsweetened tea. Tuesday comes the turn of vegetables. In salads it is allowed to use vegetable oil. The assortment of vegetables includes carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, celery, onions (General rule — 1.5 kg). Drink tea, fresh vegetable juices and water. Wednesday eat the eggs – cook them or cook in the form of steam omelet. Drink plenty of water. Thursday the menu will consist only of fish – boil, simmer, bake. Eat 5 portions of 150 g. Drink about 2 l of water. On Friday, go to the fruit – can afford any variety, except bananas, figs, peaches, grapes. The daily rate of fruit – 1.5 kg. Drink tea and water. On Saturday, treat yourself to dairy drinks low-fat (1.5 l). Can add to the diet a little bit of nonfat cottage cheese. Drink water. Sunday's diet will include meat or fish, and lettuce (you can add any herbs). Drink plenty of water.

Diet No. 2

Liquid diet each day must include 2 liters of water, herbal infusions and teas. First day cottage cheese (500 g). Menu for Tuesday includes only apples (1 kg). Wednesday drink 1 liter of kefir average fat content. Thursday again eat apples. On Friday comes the turn of milk (1 liter). If you can't tolerate it, it will pay attention to kefir. Saturday again, eat apples, and on Sunday drink 1 liter of drinking yoghurt (unsweetened).

Diet No. 3

This diet for a week is interesting because it provides only Breakfast and lunch – then nothing can not eat but can drink water and unsweetened tea. The rate of fluid for the day, 2-2.5 L.

1. Your Breakfast will consist of 150 g of fish (cook it, bake or cook for a couple). Add in the diet of 100 grams of salad from fresh vegetables. Drink 1 tbsp. of yogurt. At lunch, eat an egg, toast and cooked Turkey meat (150 g).

2. For Breakfast eat cooked vegetables (1 potato, and carrots). Add in a diet of celery and 150g of veal. Lunch will consist of 200 grams of drinking yogurt, 2 tbsp cottage cheese, dates and oatmeal.

3. For Breakfast eat 2-3 small loaves of bread, a Cup of beef broth and some cooked chicken (portion weight 200 g). For lunch you're supposed to eat a slice of brown bread, spinach (140 g), veal boiled (150 g) and fruit (Apple, orange).

4. For Breakfast cook porridge – zaparte boiling water buckwheat, and then connect with the yogurt. Add in a diet of fresh tomatoes. Lunch menu includes rice porridge (150 grams), 2 tbsp curd, fresh juice, kiwi and grapefruit.

5. Friday Breakfast consists of 100 grams of meat boiled, boiled eggs (2 PCs.), cucumber and green pepper. In the lunch menu included green beans (100 g), boiled potatoes (1-2 pieces), fruit (orange, Apple), dried apricots (30 g), walnuts (2 pieces).

6. Breakfast: Cup of fish broth, a piece of fish (50 g), a pair of rye toast, green peas (3 tbsp) and green tea. At lunch, eat a portion of rice porridge, lettuce, tomato, fruits (bananas, kiwis), drink a glass of milk.

7. Menu for the day: 1.5 liters of yogurt or 1.5 kg of vegetables and water. If you prefer vegetable menu, you can prepare salads with vegetable oil.

Diet No. 4

Monday will be dedicated to a liquid diet: drink water, teas, broths, juices, milk drinks, milk low fat. The next day eat only vegetables – 1.5-2 kg., it is Desirable to include in the menu, cabbage and greens. Wednesday re-dedicated to the liquid diet. Thursday treat yourself to a sweet and sour fruits and juices from them. Friday – protein day. Eat meat, fish, low-fat cottage cheese, egg whites. Saturday – liquid diet. Sunday for Breakfast eat a boiled egg and drink a Cup of sweet tea. The second Breakfast and afternoon snack – any fruit (your choice). Lunch – a thick soup with vegetables (you can add cereal). Dinner – salad of fresh vegetables with herbs, olive oil and lemon juice (large portion).


typically, the Week diet provides quick weight loss, but the result is almost impossible to maintain. Judging by the reviews, the fast diet deserve attention only as emergency measures before an important event.