Grape diet

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grapes are rich in fructose, so you won't suffer from headaches or lack of focus and mental performance. On the contrary, the use of the grape will give you clarity and lightness of mind.

— don't need to add in food vitamin complexes. Nutrients – zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins A, C, K, contained in the grapes, will be sufficient to provide the daily dose needed by the body.

under the influence of the extract of the berries normal metabolism, in particular fat. That's why weight loss is developing so rapidly.

in addition, there is the power of nerve and muscle tissue, cleansing the liver, kidneys and intestines.

Grape diet for 3 days

Is that 3 days in a row eat only grapes, gradually increasing the amount eaten. Start with 0.5 kg of berries the 1st day, 2nd day need eat 1.5 kg. Ends diet 2 kg of grapes in the 3rd day.

the Daily amount consumed in 5-6 receptions. Per day should drink 2 liters of liquid. This can be green tea or water. More these days there are nothing allowed. In addition, compliance with power exclusively by the grapes can be extended up to 7 days — 1.5 kg daily. The first day you can drink only water.

Grape diet for 7 days

This is a rather strict diet, which not everyone can adhere to. There is a softer version of the 7-day grape diet. In it the grapes is a necessary complement to the daily menu. However, the calorie content and the amount of food should be significantly reduced to 700-800 calories.

one day need to use such an amount of grapes:
1st Breakfast: 300 g
2nd Breakfast: 100 g
Lunch: 400 g
afternoon Snack: 100 g
Dinner: 200g.

Between meals should be uniform intervals in 2-3 hours. Optimally, if between dinner and bedtime will be at least 3-4 hours. If one of the meals skipped, you may want to reduce the subsequent portion and between meals.

Fasting days

If you want to cleanse the body without weight loss, you can arrange a fasting day on grapes. Food this whole day will consist of 3 kg of berries and water, which you need to drink up to 2-2,5 l Thanks to the fructose you will not feel hunger. And after one day you will feel improved digestion, lightness throughout the body and increase efficiency.

a Diet exclusively of grapes is contraindicated in:
— people suffering from diabetes
— have a disease of the stomach, intestines, liver.

the Grape diet for weight loss allows us to achieve effective results in a short period of time. In addition, it nourishes the body with nutrients, whereby it is rejuvenation.