Diet Svetlana Otarbay

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The story of the loss diet

Today, Svetlana Otarova weighs only 55 kg (height 160 cm). To lose weight she started at a time when the weight strap has reached a level of 130 lbs. she Gained during pregnancy – fried potatoes, ice cream, mayonnaise, cakes, biscuits and other high-calorie meals have radically changed its shape. Husband was ashamed of his wife – on a visit to mutual friends he went alone.

In 2005, Svetlana decided on surgery to remove excess fatty tissue in the abdomen, but the result was lamentable – it only took a few pounds, but there was an ugly scar, besides for three months Svetlana went with bandages for fistula formed in the seam.

a Little help: doctors do not recommend to resort to such operations in the presence of a large excess of adipose tissue. The fact that no harm to the health of the patient, they can remove only a small amount of fat (otherwise disturbed fat metabolism, which is fraught with serious consequences). Such an operation is justified only at the final stage of weight loss.

later, Svetlana had tried other methods of weight loss. Pills, teas and patches for weight loss it also did not help. In desperation, she appealed to young mums registered on the forum.

she admitted She can't imagine life without sweets and other Goodies. Feeling the support of virtual friends, Otarova decided to severely restrict your diet. Svetlana refused calories, stopped eating after 15.00 and played sports.

Since most mass initially prevented active employment, she was just walking, regardless of weather conditions. Don't look at eating dinner household, Svetlana went for a walk, and coming back, drinking green tea. Every day it was weighed and posted on the forum a full report, confirmed by fresh photography. The first month claimed 5 kg weight loss and a half year, she lost 75 kg.

Menus diet Svetlana Otarbay

Option # 1

• the First Breakfast: boiled egg (as an option, steam scrambled eggs or 100 g low-fat cottage cheese)
• lunch: favorite fruit
• Lunch: boiled chicken, Cole slaw, unsweetened tea
• Snack: fruit or vegetable (you can replace them with low-fat yogurt)
• Dinner: Hiking (less than 5km)

Option # 2

• the First Breakfast: boiled eggs — 2 PCs., (you can substitute lean serving of cereal or a slice of low fat cheese) and a Cup of unsweetened coffee
• Second Breakfast: green tea (you can take flavored) and half a small pomegranate
• Dinner: lean meat, fish, chicken breast (your choice), boiled, salad of non-starchy vegetables with a small amount of vegetable oil and green tea
• Snack: grapefruit green Apple or pomegranate
• Dinner: walking, followed by green tea without sugar

The reaction of others

Rapid slimming Svetlana did not go unnoticed. Girlfriends new posts actively supported her and followed her example. Friends gossiped about expensive plastic surgery and have put forward the version about presence in her body of the parasite-tapeworm. However, our heroine such rumors did not upset.


Today, Svetlana continues to adhere to the modest menu, and weighed in the morning – it breaks its own rules only twice a year (birthday and new year). The husband carries her in his arms and proudly presents their friends and acquaintances.