Diet for stomach and sides

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How to remove belly and flanks through diet?

Practice shows that the following diet promotes active fat burning zone. It is based on the following products:
• Nuts and seeds (limited number)
• Legumes and vegetable crops such as lentils, chickpeas, peas, beans, etc.
• Dairy products are low fat
• Cereals (except semolina and ground rice)
• Seafood and fish
• Chicken
• Egg
• Unrefined vegetable oils (especially peanut butter)
• Fruits and berries sour-sweet varieties (grapefruit, apples, cherries, raspberries, etc.)
• Green and herbal tea
• fresh juices
• Sparkling water

Products can be boiled, steamed, stew. During the diet you need to eat fractionally (6 times a day), but quite small portions. Snacking is allowed to make only a couple of hours after the main meals.

the Full exception is subject to:
• Alcoholic and carbonated beverages
• Packaged juices
• Nuts in the Sahara or in combination with salt
• milk
• Fried and fatty foods
• Any sweets and confectionery
• Margarine
• Dried, salted or smoked meat products
• Any canned food
• Yeast pastries and butter cookies

the Diet should be completely on their own, adhering to the main principle: calories should do 15-20% less than is spent. To calculate the optimal calorie formula helping to use the energy value of food – specific tables (there are also a very convenient calculator of recipes in seconds calculate the total caloric content of selected dishes).

Fat burning drink

Anyone wishing to lose weight in the abdominal area and hips should pay attention to the following drink recipe. For its preparation will need the following ingredients:
• turmeric Root — 1/2 tsp
• Water — 300 ml

the Crushed root pour filtered water, bring to the boil and remove from heat. Let the drink stand for 15-20 minutes, strain and take three times a day an hour after main meals (1 tbsp.).

Diet for stomach and sides.. or fasting day

for Those who want to lose weight in the abdomen and hips, the weekly nutritionists recommend to arrange fasting day on yogurt or kefir. Useful dairy products remove excess moisture and clean the intestines of stool (this helps to reduce bulging tummy). Throughout the day you should drink 1.5-2 liters of milk and drink 1 liter of still water.

Special procedures

needless to remind that the destruction of fat reserves on the abdomen and flanks, you have to use not just diet but also some other activities: sports, massage of problem areas wraps. In principle, all this is easily done even at home. If you don't like to download the press notice on the hula-Hoop (Hoop allows you to lose weight in the stomach area and hips). Entrusting yourself to the care professionals (fitness trainers, massage therapists), you can significantly accelerate getting the desired results.

the Diet for stomach and sides is based on the rules of rational nutrition. Of course, it affects the whole body, but the stomach area party bypasses. Changing their food plan on the above diet, don't forget to back up the action well-chosen set of exercises. Good luck!