Diet for muscle gain

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Basic principles

the First of these smaller meals. The frequency of meals should be at least 5-6 times a day. At observance of this diet in the blood will constantly receiving small portions of essential nutrients, which during the day will be completely assimilated by the muscle. But if the same amount of food to eat for 3 doses, the body is not coping with the absorption of incoming nutrients will start to put them in the form of fat.

the Food must be high, otherwise your digestive system will be overloaded and in addition affected the assimilation of nutrients. In the diet should not exceed 30% of the mass fraction of vegetables and fruits, otherwise they contained fiber will stimulate the reduction of the intestine, and a large part of the received calories will be excreted and not having time to digest.

At each meal portions should be approximately equal, however, until 16:00 you need to eat approximately 70% of all day food. Do not eat at night fatty or sweet, perfect for dinner – vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products.

When muscle growth occurs accelerations of many metabolic reactions, leading to increased water consumption. Eat at least 3 liters of water (including the liquid contained in the products).

you Should limit the consumption of fatty meat, bacon, sausages, butter, and other foods rich in saturated fats. Muscle growth and energy production in the body occurs primarily from carbohydrates, and this means that most of the fat will be deposited in fat cells. Just the fats in the eaten food should have no more than 10-20% of the daily diet, while carbohydrates should be about 50-60% and protein 30-35%.

the above relates to the consumption of fast carbohydrates (cakes, sweet fruit, etc.) Products with a high content of fast carbs are allowed to eat only after the training session, when muscle is short, acquire the ability to rapid glucose uptake.

Products for muscle growth

On your Desk every day to be meals made from products containing all the essential nutrients. For an adequate supply of protein should eat lean meat, any fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts and legumes. Carbohydrates your body will provide grain products (cereals, bread, pasta), vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, dried fruits and herbs. As for healthy fats, they can be obtained from vegetable oils, seafood and special food additives.

Diet to gain muscle mass before and after exercise

Over 2 hours before exercise, eat porridge, boiled starchy vegetables, flour or other products that contain slow carbohydrates, which will provide muscles with the necessary energy.

After 30 minutes after a workout (or after 1-1,5 hours in case of uglevodov-protein cocktail), you should eat food with high protein and slow carbs, and the volume of this meal should be the biggest for the day.

Combination with sports nutrition

the Specified diet for muscle gain can be combined with sports nutrition: protein shakes, weight gainer, creatine, which are used after a workout. In addition, for the prevention of vitamin deficiency are advised to take vitamin-mineral complexes.