Detox diet

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The basic principles of nutrition

as much as possible to cleanse the body, rid it of toxins, you need to forget about:
— alcohol of any kind;
— Smoking;
— caffeine;
— flour;
— medicines.

1. Deciding to stick to a detox diet, first you need to prepare yourself. For a month try as little as possible to eat high-calorie foods and gradually eliminate fatty and fried foods.
2. Two weeks later it is recommended to go to the vegetable food. Desirable diet — fruits, vegetables and herbs. Foods that are recommended to eat: asparagus, beets, artichokes, broccoli, carrots, red peppers, grapes, apples, bananas, pomegranates, citrus, prunes, seaweed, grains, sprouts and grass sprouts, lean fish, chicken meat, honey, beans and nuts. Can be once a week to use goat's cheese, poultry and fish.
3. In the morning on an empty stomach to drink a glass of hot water with lemon juice.
4. Recommended: breathing exercises, morning gymnastics classes, massage, and small exercise.
5. Do not eat after 20: 00!

Detox diet for weight loss

Can stretch your diet program on a conclusion of toxins from the body for 4 weeks. For beginners, you can try 3 days. Should start Friday, not to feel exhausted at work on Monday.

Courses can last
3 days — during this time, excreted toxins and waste products,
5 days — the body starts restoring function, 10 days — renewal and cleansing of the bloodstream, the prevention of many diseases.

Diet detox diet

Morning: a glass of hot water with lemon.

8 a.m.-12 noon you can eat in unlimited quantities — citrus fruits, apples, kiwi, grapes, drink water and teas made from herbs.

From 12 to 20 hours — used vegetables in steamed, baked and raw, and a salad of them.

After 20 hours can't be eaten.

Approximate menu detox diet for 1 day

getting out of bed to drink a glass of hot water with lemon.

Breakfast. Prepare drink: 1 glass of milk, 1chaynaya spoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder. 15 minutes after the drink grapefruit or orange.

up To 12 hours you must drink 1 liter of mineral water without gas.

Lunch. Lean fish or chicken meat — 200 grams, garnish vegetables.

you Need to drink 2 hours after lunch 1 Cup of yogurt with the addition of 1 teaspoon of natural honey.

In the afternoon — 16 hours drink to reduce appetite.

Prepare the drink: juice of 1 lemon, 1 Cup water and 1 teaspoon of natural honey. Need to drink in small SIPS.

Dinner: cleansing drink small SIPS the broth.

Prepare the broth: 1.5 liters of water, 1 kg leeks, 500 grams tomatoes, 500 grams carrots, 5 to 10 grains of cumin. The broth for 20 minutes without adding salt. Strain it. First drink 3 cups of the broth in intervals of 10 minutes, then eat the vegetables from the broth, adding the mustard and olive oil.

At night you can eat 1 Cup of yogurt with 1 teaspoon honey.