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Fruit diet


Briefly about the benefits of fruit diet

Fruits provide us with the full gamut of vitamins and minerals. They contain pectin and insoluble dietary fiber – this fruit gently but very effectively cleanses the body of harmful accumulation.

it is Rare to meet people who would be completely indifferent to the fruit, so vitamin rich eating plan is very popular. It should also be noted that the majority of fruit diet completely eliminates the need to prepare diet dishes. There is another advantage fruit diet: with regular use fruit menu, there is a noticeable improvement of the skin, hair and nails.

Fruit diet

needless to remind you that fruit diet can have a variety of menu options. Can be divided into 3 main varieties of this technique weight loss:
1. A diet based on one type of fruits (fruit mono-diet)
2. A diet based on different kinds of fruit (diet for a fruit salad)
3. Diet based on the combination of fruits and other foods (balanced diet)

Fruit mono

mono-diet – a great many. Nutritionists recommend to choose as the main product is the fruit, which in this time really want to eat (it is believed that the body itself "makes a choice", trying to compensate for the shortage of useful elements).

They are divided into 2 types:
1. Fruits can be combined with abundant drinking regime
2. The fruit can be eaten unlimited, but the liquid should be abandoned (usually to drink no more than half a liter of pure water)

For your convenience, we list the most popular types of fruit mono-diet. The average duration of a fruit unloading: 3 days. If you increase the timing it is recommended to connect protein products.

Apple diet

throughout the day you can eat 1.5 kg of apples, dividing the daily rate of fruit 5 servings. If you decide to "waterless" fruit diet, then the norm of apples can increase (the upper limit is not defined, but stretch the stomach not worth it).

There are six-day Apple diet, where the norm of the apples clearly signs by days. The first and last days of the diet – 1 kg, the second and penultimate – 1.5 kg a couple of days in the middle of 2 kg. during the diet are allowed to drink unsweetened tea and sparkling water.

Peach low-fat yogurt

Peach mono-diet allows you to eat 1-1.5 kg of sweet fruits. Free liquid – 1-1.5 L.

A diet based on different types of fruits

This is the most pleasant fruit diet for 3 days, allowed to indulge ourselves with delicious salads by combining different kinds of fruits. Salads are recommended low-fat yogurt (yogurt) or lemon juice. You can drink unsweetened teas or drinking water.

Diet based on the combination of fruit and other products

Such a diet for weight loss is considered the most secure. Due to the presence of other products, the duration of this meal plan can be increased (the optimal time – 6-7 days).

Fruit and meat diet

This technique is simple to implement because it does not require cooking complex dishes (enough to boil the meat and put it in the fridge).

the Daily Breakfast includes a Cup of green tea with natural honey. Lunchtime comes the turn of proteins you can eat 150-200 g of boiled meat. After a couple of hours in the afternoon go on a fruit menu. The fruit can be arbitrary, but their number is limited to 1 kg. during the day allowed to drink non-carbonated water and unsweetened teas. The optimal duration of the diet: 3-7 days.

Fruit-kefir diet

This diet offers every 2 hours to eat one fruit is medium in size and drink 100-150 ml of low-fat yogurt.


the World of fruit diets for weight loss rich and diverse. You are sure to choose the option which will ideally suit your body.