How to lose weight in 3 days?

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How to lose weight in 3 days? This question usually visits us on the eve of important events: festivals, corporate events, meetings, reunions. It is worth noting that this extra weight loss is not the best way affects health, however, we will present a number of ways.

There are a number of techniques designed for 3 days, and they all carry 2-3 kg of excess weight. Don't forget that after the diet is similar quick weight loss almost always kompensiruet not less rapid restoration of the weight of the bar.

Diet on the watermelon pulp

Calculate the daily rate of consumption of watermelon pulp (according to the recommendations of the diet, for every 10 kg of body weight losing weight person consumes 1 kg of watermelon). Food during the diet should be a fraction – provide 5-6 meals.

Diet juices

For three days, drink the juices, but no solid food do not drink. Please note: juices are better to cook at home – of the purchased product are preservatives, sugar, flavourings and other additives are not very useful. The best effect shows the juice from the celery root – it actively burns the fatty tissue. When you eat concentrated juices be sure to dilute with water.

Buckwheat diet

This diet is rumored to be a favorite method of weight loss Olga Sumy. Daily intake of foods that are cooked in water buckwheat porridge without spices, salt, sugar and oil. Supplement poor diet will serve unsweetened green tea and also pure water (better to use a melt).

Diet cabbage broth

This diet (as well as any other) is to adhere only in the absence of health problems. Throughout the three days of the same menu.

• After waking up: 150 ml of water with 1 tbsp natural honey and lemon juice
• Breakfast: unsweetened tea or a Cup of organic coffee
• Lunch: boiled chicken or Turkey (best to use the breast), as well as fresh vegetables.
• Dinner: cabbage broth prepared with 150-200 g of cabbage and 2/3 cups of water (add salt and add seasonings to impossible)
• Shortly before bedtime: low-fat yogurt

Physical activity

to stimulate the fat burning zone will not prevent enhance physical activity. Considering the low caloric intake, needless strain is not worth it, but long walks in the fresh air are a welcome addition.

Additional procedures

to Stimulate the process of losing weight you will help the sauna – heat treatments will melt away the extra fat and at the same time will cleanse the body. If you have the opportunity to swim in the pool – do not deny yourself this pleasure. It is known that water has an additional effect, as if massaging the body. It will not hurt as a cleansing enema (a procedure better done in the morning).

Who should not fast to lose weight?

the Extra weight loss is contraindicated for problems such as:
• diabetes
• diseases of the pancreas
• stomach Ulcer
• a Tendency to depression
• a Weakened state after infectious diseases.

to lose Weight in 3 days possible, but whether or not? Be sure to ask yourself this question before choosing any method.