Diet Svetlana Khodchenkova

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Brief background

today a Famous actress in her youth considered themselves "ugly duckling": angular forms and ugly, she thought, ears spoil the impression. However, natural charm made itself felt – the girl was evaluated in a model Agency.

eventually she decided that she was close to her acting career — she enrolled in the theater Institute. Here it underwent a metamorphosis with the figure of our heroine – the girl gained weight. According to her, the reason was emotional tension: she was afraid of deductions, and as many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, was the "jam" problems.

on top of that the girl relished enough calories in Italian cuisine and as a dessert she preferred to eat ice cream. This led to the emergence of 15 kg of excess weight.

It was during this period classic Russian beauty was noticed by Director Stanislav Govorukhin – he invited her for the lead role in the film "Bless the woman". The picture brought Khodchenkova success for the role she was nominated for the award. Weight our heroine was disposed of, when it came time to play the role of a graceful ballerina.

Food cravings Svetlana Khodchenkova

Svetlana, because of the tight work schedule, have time to prepare their own Breakfast. If you can not eat in the cafe, the actress warms up in the microwave semi-finished products.

Khodchenkova loves sweets, but knowing what harm they cause to the figure, she prefers to replace them with all sorts of fruit – though they provide carbohydrates, but for the most part do not have high calorie content. However, from my favourite chocolate and she could not refuse, though now prefer bitter black varieties (actress loves Belgian chocolate).

Sport in the life of Svetlana Khodchenkova

Svetlana tries to compensate for his love of sweets sport loads, however, the lack of time does not allow her to actively exercise. Not to gain weight, the actress prefers to swing a press. Otherwise, as noted by Svetlana, it has to confine itself to "the pursuit" for the outgoing transport.

Probably the only systematic training in her life began classes at the ballet bar in preparation for the film, where the actress was assigned the role of a ballerina. I had to train for 3 hours daily is allowed Svetlana to feel like a real ballet dancer.

The secrets of slimming Svetlana Khodchenkova

And yet, as lost our heroine? The issue has been consistently interested in her fans – to lose 20 kg, not everyone can. So, try to reveal the star secret.

to lose weight, Khodchenkova switched to low-calorie food – the basis of her diet was vegetables, fruits, and lean poultry and fish. To eat the actress had little but often. Needless to say, from the late meals she also had to give up. Coupled with active physical exertion it has provided the expected result (our heroine lost 20 kg).


Diet Svetlana Khodchenkova is a combination of low-calorie food, sport and motivation. Losing weight, the actress continues to maintain good physical shape, making her continue to offer the role of fine women.